Pre-Japan Daily's

Ain’t no party like my tea party.

I hosted a tea party at Starbucks today as a farewell to some friends and it was great. We ate little vanilla scones and cucumber sandwiches and sipped tea with sugar… those kinds of things are the best, the casual kind of social get-togethers. no agenda or dress code, just an afternoon of good conversation. Gatherings like today really bring out the domestic woman in me, I kind of hate to admit that I am such the tea-party hostess type. I’m the beverage girl; come to my place for morning coffee, afternoon tea, and evening wine.

I leave for Japan exactly a week from today and I’m getting really excited! As a matter of fact, I wish I left sooner… I anticipate missing some things, the little things about Sonoma. But right now i’m sitting here listening to the identical bitchy voices of my mom and little sister each having separate phone conversations and i’m just thinking that it will be nice to get outta here and go on a big adventure. Then again, it may be these very things that I miss the most…? ehhh I take that back I don’t think i’m going to miss them.

So, tomorrow’s my going away party in San Fran at Adrian and Wes’s big house, should be fun! I’m drinking Sake.


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