I wasn’t finished talking.

I know this is my second post today, but i’m totally new to this blogging thing and after spending some time reading other blogs i feel like, why have i not done this earlier?? Its awesome, totally my cuppa tea (no pun intended.) Anyway, my experience through Myspace, then Facebook has landed me here in this blog site. This is what i’ve wanted to do all along, no rules, no lists of friends just me writing whatever i feel like writing. I write in my journal 3 times a day some days, but i’d like to take a step foward. It took me a long time to really be able to trust the pages of a journal, and to seek the truth while doing so. By that i mean, sometimes we write what we want to remember or what we want to think is true, but which may not be the absolute truth of the matter. i taught myself to write the truth FOR MYSELF, now lets see if i can do so for others to read too. And I’m sure this will improve my writing.
Its all about trust, you have to throw fears of judgement out the window for this blog scene.


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