Pre-Japan Daily's

It feels like Fall today!

Actually, today is like a Dido song. Remember Dido?

Last night was my going away party at Adrian and Wes’s giant house in the city. It was awesome! Different than i expected, but awesome. A few people brought me presents, Rashell and Bryanne got me good luck charms, insense and bras. Wes and Adrian got me Sake and Soporro, and they made Jello shots and got a keg! It was all so nice of everyone, It really kind of suprised me, don’t know why.

I felt really tired the whole time though because i’d been up since 4:30 that moring for work and by the time 1:30am rolled around I was sober and exhausted and the thought of sleeping on the floor or on a couch didnt appeal to me. SO, i was the biggest asshole and i left a party being thrown for me. It was either that, or fall asleep. I still feel like an ass though.

Driving home Leah and i were so tired we carried on meaningless conversation in hopes of keeping our minds stimulated just enough to keep us awake. I couldnt even tell you any specifics of the conversation, it was like that. If someone taped it i think it’d sound like lots of mumbling and long pauses… but It was kind of a cool drive out of the city because lightening kept striking and it was beautiful (and far away, not to worry.)

Toward the last part of the drive though i felt so so sleepy, i was fighting with myself to stay awake and i know this is really shitty to admit but i totally dozed off for a second and leah was like “ERIKA!” and it was horrible. I can’t get it out of my head, either. I even drempt about it (when i was finally able to fall asleep in a bed.) Leah, i’m sorry. Truely.

So bad, so so bad.

Anyway, today is all cloudy and damp and cold. I have a lil’ headache too, so the weather kind of fits my mood. I work later at 4:30, its my second-to-last day at Starbucks.

I’ve thought & I think i’ll really miss 3 things: My dad, Rashell and my job @ Starbucks. Is that lame?


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