Pre-Japan Daily's

Little sis is nuts-o.

It breaks my heart! I leave for Japan in 3 days and shes pushing me away so forcefully its almost difficult to comprehend. I don’t understand how someone that youre so close to can be so hurtful.

I feel like my family is broken and I’m the only one who is struggling to keep them tied together. Maybe its okay for family bonds to break. Lots of people stray from their siblings, plenty of people dread family gatherings and lead a totally seperate life from where they came from and who they came from. Maybe someday those bonds will tighten, but now doesn’t feel like a time where anyone wants to be together. At least no one acts like it!

Is this struggle to keep sisters and a family together a fight that HAS to be made? (“Till the bitter end!”) When we feel like giving up should we? or is it one that can be left to rest until people are ready to reconnect? I know that the virtuous childrens novel will tell a story to teach lessons like how you never give up on the people you love, and that family is the most important thing…. but how true is that, exactly. When it comes to simultaneously fighting for and with people you love could it be that less closeness is more constructive?

I feel like a break will do all of us some good.

I CANNOT WAIT TO GET OUT OF THIS PLACE. Its bogging me down with its animosity and anger.

Can it pleeeeease be the 27th yet????!


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