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Last day at the ‘Bucks!

It felt sooo good to walk out of there today knowing i wouldnt have to walk back in for quite a while. I love that job though, i really do. I love the people, both customers and coworkers. Going to work is, for the most part, like going to spend the day with your family while your good friends come in and buy coffee from you! BUT, i decided when i get back from Japan i’m going to work there for the month of December and thats it.

I’m leaving after December anyway to go to either San Louis Obispo for school, or to London with Anne and Eleanor. I was planning on transfering to another *bucks, but NOPE! I’m sick of not being able to see or feel the light of day when i work and i no longer feel like being surrounded my pastries and milk. Its not you Starbucks, it’s me. I’m sorry… i just have to move foward with my life and i feel that youre holding me down. Can we still be friends?

I’d love to get a job thats more physical and mentally stimulating. At an outdoorsy place, working with kids, preferably away from retail and food. We shall see…

I should probably be focusing all of my thoughts on how i leave in 3 days! I feel really excited to take full advantage of every single minute in Japan. I’d love to leave knowing that not a second was waisted. I’ve been corresponding with a couple of different people that have been to or have lived in Japan and everyone gives completely different, sometimes contradictory, advice. I think its going to have to be a trip that i really make my own; take the advice with a grain of salt and create my own advice to give.

This just in: A man named Honda is picking me up at the airport and he also DRIVES A HONDA. How cool is that?

All day I’ve had the Flight of the Conchords song “The Humans Are Dead” stuck in my head. I keep randomly blurting out lyrics from the song and its made me seem like im looney: “AFFIRMATIVE. i poked one it was dead.”

check it out, the songs catchy and you’ll like it i swear 😉



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