Pre-Japan Daily's

This is a girly post. You’ve been warned.

I’ve been sitting in my living room all day carefully narrowing down the very small amout of clothes and other essentials that I can take. I have to tell you, I thought I would’nt have a problem with packing since I’m a notoriously light packer but goddamn! I’m having a hard time. I think I get it all in, and then i realize theres a whole other pile of stuff I forgot, a pile that I feel I need. So, I unpack it all and I talk myself into bringing less and still less, and I do it! But then I panic when I see the huge potential in the pile of things that I opted to exclude from my backpack. We’re talking potential like, ‘pajama bottoms or no pajama bottoms?’ or the potential to keep me warm once it gets really cold. Or the potential to look really hot one night in Tokyo. And then it comes to mind that I’m probably going to be losing weight and i don’t want to look like an Olsen twin when they wear all of those giant clothes that dwarf the size of their already tiny bodies, so the clothes I pack have to be a bit snug. And I have to be ready for everything from humidity to snow, and so the cycle goes.

I still need to accomplish a lot before thursday, and I can’t forget to buy an alarm clock and razors…. its these small details that can make a big difference. Then again, I’m forgeting that i can buy all of these things IN Japan!

My new Adidas came in the mail today, too. The shoes I’ll be wearing on my travels… they’re cool I guess. They feel a half size too big, although I’d love for someone to tell me they fit perfectly to put my mind at ease. I fret about things like this, it’s terrible. Shoes are important to me though, just like to any woman. Its wierd to think i’ll be wearing only 2 pairs of shoes for the next 2 months! The other is a pack-friendly pair of black flats that go with everything.

You know what else happened? I haven’t had my period since May and it decided to come TODAY. One day before I leave. And so I feel disgusting, fat, bloated, not to mention hungry and anxious and a little sick and I’m worried that I’ll be considered fat in Japan, since they’re all tiny and I read somewhere that the average Japanese woman considers herself fat if she weighs over 50kg. Thats like 110 pounds.

Soooo, these are my concerns, this is my girly post. Thanks for listening!


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