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First day in JAPAN

Ive been up for more than 24 hours stright, so i may have to make this a bit short. partly because im tired, and mostly because i think that i smell really bad and i just want to shower and go to bed! Also, please dont mind the poor punctuation, i cant find a lot of the proper buttons on this keyboard.

 SO! verrry long flight, i never freaked out even once. Im talking about all day i remained calm. It was all very smooth and easy. Very humid in Tokyo, Koya picked me up at NArita Airport and we drove to Gota HAgios house on the opposite side of tokyo, more in rural Japanese country side. Apparently were very close to the ocean, but i wouldnt know because Koya and i got caught in Tokyo traffic, the kind that is from all of the people who are going home from work… i know it has a special name but i cant even think right now at all. Anyway, when we arrived and hour and a half late to Hagios there was an amazing sushi dinner waiting for us. Im talking better than any sushi in sonoma, right here in this young womans kitchen. The family is adorable, im having a blast with them. tomorrow im going to english class and guitar lessons with them, im excited to get a good nights sleep so that my brain will actually function when im around them!

so this is my quick update, i felt it was necessary. i’ll right more details with better grammar and syntax once i hit the tatami mat. i’d just like to add that im very proud of myself for actually getting here in once piece and panic-free.

Japan rules, and Tokyo is just…. its left me speechless for today. maybe i’ll come up with something to say tomorrow, but basically these next 2 months are going to kiss some serious ass.


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