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Lost in Translation…

...has taken on a whole new meaning to me. The phrase rings with such TRUTH!! Today i was lost all day. ALL DAY. well, not all day because in the beginning Michi helped me get to Yokohama, and we walked around and she helped me get a cell phone (japan knows how to make cell phones!) and then i became the object of attention for an entire group of japanese girls that are in Nana`s english class, it was so adorable.

 Anyway, Michi left me to explore Yokohama by myself while she took her children to their guitar lessons. We were planning on meeting back up at 9pm in Yokohama, but my cell phone had complications and died. So then, while i was trying sooo hard to prove my brilliance, I accidentally got on the wrong train and took myself an hour in the opposite direction, straight into downtown Shinjuku (which is a veryyyy wild amazing crazy part of Tokyo) and then clear out of Tokyo before i could get off the train. And dont you dare shake your head at me because how could i have known i was heading in the wrong direction before they said SHINJUKU? But im not here to defend myself, jeeeeze.

So YAS… that was my crazy day in a nutshell and i LOVED every, single, minute of it.

 I ordered `ko-hee` at Starbucks, i bought myself some yummy_licious rice and i navigated my way out of quite a kunundrum on a tight timeline.

Taichi, (im almost sure thats how you spell his name). He is the little boy of Gota and Michiyo Hagio, the family that im staying with, and he is THE CUTEST LITTLE BOY IN THE WORLD. Listen folks, im serious. His sixth birthday is on monday and he makes up songs that rhymes with my name throwing in the phrases ‘oh babyy’ and ‘yummylicious’. In a very cute way, im just very impressed with how much character this little 6 year old possesses. Its so charming its actually inspiring. something strange just happened to the text and i have no idea what, so i think i might call it a night. ITs reeeeally late here, like 2 thirty in the morning. by the way, jet lag has had no effect on me. i slept in this morning and i havent felt tired at all! but hopefully i didnt speak too soon. love you guys,



3 thoughts on “Lost in Translation…

  1. お父さん says:

    私はShinjukuに!徹底的にやったことを信じることができない! しかし、私はあなたのとても自慢している!

  2. Sarah says:

    Yay! I’m so happy you arrived safe in Japan! You will LOVE it there!! Have a fantastic, fun time and take it all in. Here’s to the best two months of your life!


  3. mom says:

    This is amazing! I never read a blog and I love to reading about your thoughts and adventures. Thanks sweetie for sharing! love Mom

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