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Sunday with the Hagio’s

Today was fantastic! It was a sunday with the Hagio family, they are so wonderful. We all slept in and then had a great Japanese breakfast and then went on a family outting to Yokohama (again), only today it was a different part of the city. It was raining pretty hard so we stayed inside for most of the day, browsing shops and such. Tomorrow is TaiChi’s birthday so we were also looking for a present for him. He finally chose to go to a teddy bear factory and stuff a green dinosaur. The Hagio family suprised me and bought me these Japanese books that i was going to buy for myself! (drum roll pleeease) Erika will attempt…. to learn Japanese! I found these books that kindergardeners in Japan usually use, and also a Lonely Planet book for reference. They keep telling me that i should try speaking more japanese because when i DO, i pronounce it perfectly. So i need to quit being a wimp and speak up some more!

Tomorrow is october first!! wow, summer came and went, didnt it? Also, tomorrow i need to call Ucchy, who lives in Chiba in a beach town, to plan out when i will be visiting him. I believe it should be the 12th or 13th… Gota told me that Ucchy is going to cook for me too. Yay!

Speaking of food, tonight we had the nicest dinner in Yokohama. They took me to this very nice restaurant for traditional soup. It was a thick chicken broth with chicken, but the waitress (i’m sure thats not what theyre called in Japan) would keep coming out with new things to add to the soup every time we had a bowl of the one before. So the broth came out on a portable gas stove and she would add chicken, then noodles, then vegetables, then tofu. and it was so good! Japanese food is so good and so much better for you. The quality is SO, so much better than American food (even if you think you eat well in America) that they can almost eat as much food as they want without getting fat. I would venture to say that the largest people here are considered only slightly above normal in the US. Everything sweet has less than half the sugar (and tastes much better!) and all of their food is low in fat.

Today i figured out something very specific about the Japanese: they have a very deep-rooted sense of how delicate life is. I really want to go into detail about that tomorrow so i’m going to sleep on it and give a full response about what i mean by that.

Happy October everyone!


4 thoughts on “Sunday with the Hagio’s

  1. eva says:

    Erika, this is everything that you wanted! you are just at the beginning of discovering new things! i am so happy that you are having a great time! love you!

  2. James says:

    Hi Erika,

    I read your post and noticed you had mentioned Gota Hagio. I had a very good friend from Napa named Gota, but we had lost touch after he moved back to Japan. I’m not sure if we are talking about the same person, but Gota’s father was a Pilot for Japan Airlines and Gota also became a pilot. Gota graduated from Vintage High School in Napa, class of 1989.

    If by some chance we are talking about the same person, please let me know. I would really like to get back in touch with Gota. If its a misunderstanding, thanks for your time.

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