JAPAN daily's

This post is corny.

I’m tired right now! I spent the day in Tokyo, Roppongi to be exact. AMAZING. It was today, sitting on a bench in Roppongi (hardly a week into my stay) that I understood that this trip has [already] changed my whole life. I’ve connected with Japan in a way that should change my life! When someone feels such a way about anything, anyone… they have to follow that direction. Its like, when some one feels they have connected with something in the way that i feel i have connected with Japan, they should kind of stop searching. I’ve always had a theory about travel, that someone shouldn’t go back to a place more than twice because there are so many places to see in the world, why would you repeatedly return to just one place? But I want to live in Japan! One week here has changed all of my dreams and plans and ideas because now all of thoes things include Japan. Its everything I love, I am, and want to be: fun, smart, classy, chic, quirky, beautiful, friendly, organized, efficient, respectful, thoughtful, eco-friendly, fashionable, populated but private and it has good weather 😉

Today I went with Michiyo to Roppongi Midtown, which is a giant new high-end center for shopping, art ect. She had a meeting in the Ritz there, and so we were able to get a tour. Usually no one but hotel guests can tour this hotel so we were very lucky! OK, so the Ritz Tokyo is breathtaking. The lobby is on the 45th floor, if that give you somewhat of an idea. I’ll include some pictures… so see for yourself.

Anyway, then we walked around Roppongi and the fashion was amazing. Ay-may-ZING! Words cant do it justice so you’ll have to come visit me when i live here and see for yourself.

Also, today my whole lunch was green: matcha soba noodles (matcha is green tea powder), a cup of green tea and matcha frozen yogurt with green tea jello cubes and bananas for dessert. Not green bananas though.

I might dye my hair tomorrow, darker. Natural color. My hair is so golden compared to the Japanese that I feel like Carrot Top. We shall see though… I love you guys! Check these pictures, some are from yesterday at the beach and some from Tokyo :*

Beach!  Beautiful  fisherman  Storefront  Roppongi Midtown  View from Ritz  Roppongi  Me, Spider @ Roppongi Hills


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