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I have purple hair.

Today Michi and I bought hairdye for me at the drugstore because I want brown hair again. So we dyed it and some of the blonde streaks in my hair took the dye differently than it should have, so i have brown hair with lavender streaks! You know, its really not that bad. In fact, my hairstylist friend Annie Caro wanted to purpously put lavendar streaks in my hair but it didnt work. I’ll fix it tomorrow, but for the evening I have purple hair and Taichi won’t let me forget it… 🙂

He took these ones: purple 1, purple 2

And this is the sunset tonight: sunset over ocean and roof top

It was especially glorious because the weather has been foggy since i got here, so today was the first clear day! You could even see Mt. Fuji-san, but the pictures didnt come out very well.


3 thoughts on “I have purple hair.

  1. ashley says:

    the face you’re making in picture 1 looks like nana, and THEN in the next one you’re doing a peace sign!! aww i miss you so much.

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