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The real adventure BEGINS!

Tomorrow is the sixth, and it is the day that my real Japan adventure begins. Im going to a traditional annual ‘sports festival’ tomorrow morning, then getting on a train at 3:30 toward Tokyo with my backpack and a wallet full of yen and thats pretty much it.

I have a youth hostel booked in Asakusa (pronounced a-sock-sa) for six nights and im freakin STOKED!! Then to the coast until October 13th, then into the mountains to Nagano for 2 nights (the 13th thru 15th), then to Kanazawa for one night (the 15th) then to Osaka for 3 nights (16th thru 19th) then to Hiroshima for 3 nights (19th thru 22nd.)

Im doing all of this in one week to take advantage of my Japan Rail Pass, which is only good for 7 days but which is unlimited. SO. I’ll end up in Hiroshima, which im really excited about. I think its really important to go there, for obvious reasons. It should be really moving,  i’ve heard it moves most to tears.

So from Hiroshima i go to Miyazaki to stay with friends of a friend of my dad. Their english speakers and Miyazaki is amazing, as is the surrounding area. SO BEAUTIFUL, which is why im hoping to go camping there (providing it isnt too cold.) Im hauling around a tent and sleeping bag with me all the way there, so its going to have to be pretty damn cold for me to put to waist all that space in my backpack, of which i could have used to pack more clothes, perhaps a second pair of shoes?

Honestly, im a bit nervous. But excited. I thrive off of this feeling of uncertainity, as crazy as it is, its like i get off on it! being totally alone and virtually lost in the biggest city in the world. I love it so much because i know i’ll be okay. Its so funny to me, sometimes i laugh out loud because the situation is so freaking crazy.

“I think im in Shinjuku, but i dont really know, and Japan doesnt name their streets, and i cant communicate, or spell in Japanese, and if i AM in shinjuku then i need to be across the city, and i only have x-amount of yen, and the international ATMS are closed, and the last train comes in an hour… hmmm this is funny!!” But i never freak out because it always works out! I swear. If i’ve learned one thing so far, its that.

Something that really funny also is that i’m having a more difficult time writing my thoughts down in my normally complex, proper english because everyone i talk to here i have to either speak slowly in simple english or try and communicate by hand gestures, pointing, laughing, nodding, laughing ect. So my thoughts are slowly become japanese. The little girl i’ve been staying with thinks im going to literally become Japanese… apparently theres an old folk tale about a white man coming here and turning into a japanese man because he loved it so much.

I dyed my hair again over the purple, but that was after i spent the day in Kamakura with purple hair. The funniest part was when a woman with short blue hair sat next to me on the train! Michi and I laughed so hard! Thats the greatest part about Japan, if you have no language in common with someone, you laugh. They are such happy, fun people even if you cant communicate with words it can be understood that your going out to have a good time. and you laugh at everything! Anyway, my hair turned out pretty dark. much darked than i wanted but WHATEV DOODE im just going with the flow, and maybe thats the first step in mw becoming Japanese. Buddha did it, he wants me to be JApanese. Also i saw the most beautiful, giant Buddha today. Stunning!! Its eye is a meter across, and you can go inside of it for 20 yen, and so i figured we were about in Buddhas bladder… usually you could climb up his colon into his throat, maybe even as high as his head but they were doing construstion on it so it was closed off. But i was in a Buhhha bladder so im cool with that. I also brushed myself with special smoke thats supposed to make me clever, but i dont think it worked very well since this post is a little bit off the chain and scatter brained!

If someone asked me how i was doing i’d tell them, ‘Like Kaiser I’m thriving, baby oooh yaeah!’     is that a bad joke? anyone get it? lemme know if you understand my joke and i’ll send you a post card or something…

and wish me luck while youre at it….. though i doubt i’ll need it 😉

peace babes


3 thoughts on “The real adventure BEGINS!

  1. ashley says:

    we were watching top model today, and it was the season where they spend the end of the time in tokyo, and i can still hardly believe you’re over there! judging by the japanese women they showed, you probably weren’t too out of place with purple hair, huh? good luck today and for the next few days! i hope you can post another one of these soon.


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