JAPAN daily's

I love Buddha. A lot.

Im sitting here at a slight loss for words because so much has happened to me today i hardly know where to beginI dont want to write a novel or bore anyone but i think i’ll just start from the beginning since everyone seems to enjoy my short storys on japan.

I’ll start with ms. masako, the woman i shared my hostel room with (on the 6th floor of a crazy little building pretty much down an alley way of Asakusa.) She was a crazy/beautiful old woman whoo grew up in Tokyo and studied ball room dancing and art in France for the past  20 years. She just got an apartment in Tokyo, so last night was her last night in youth hostels and she invited me to stay with her in tokyo when i get back from my travels. she would always say ‘mmmmmmm   yasssssss, yas yass’

So i woke up early because the walls are literally made of paper and someone down the hall sounded like they had a snoring machine going all night. I got on the subway, transferred a few times and found myself a spot in the imperial gardens for a few hours and it was sooo wonderful. Then i wandered around and managed to find the Tokyo museum of Modern art.

I spent about 3 hours in that museum. I had some amazing thoughts, too. There was a big exhibit on pre-war and post-war artwork, and also artwork commissioned by the military. There was one piece that took up the entire wall and it was called Prayer for Hiroshima, or something to that effect. It made me want to sink into the ground… my face turned red and tears welled up in my eyes, and all the pursuasive essays and debates i’ve heard about atomic warfare, the pros and the cons of bombing Japan, vanished from my memory because all i could think was how absolutely horrific……. i cant even put the feeling into words. Its like in the pit of your stomach the most gut wrenching guilty feeling. I felt guilty because i am an American, and everyone knew it was my country that did it. At times that would be okay because they ccan understand why we did it. But no one was justifying anything infront of that painting… i cried and walked away and people watched and bowed. It was extremely moving to say the least.

On a better note, i have a new facination with Japanese modern art, its fantastic! In the US, you can tell that people are pushing the ‘avant-garde’ look way too hard. The japanese are simply brilliant! with photography too… its amazing.

Then i went to Ginza and found myself in the middle of a street festival surrounded my, no joke, a hundred thousand people.  It got a little overwhelming so i only stayed for a little bit, wandering around i found the 4 story Chanel, and the Christian LaCroix botique who is ordering my favorite perfume for me which i spilled on my way back from Paris. You cant buy it in the US, i know i sound like a yuppie but the perfume is amazing, and ive been looking for it for a long time.

So i realized why i love Tokyo so much; because its hard to live here. Allow me to explain. Every day is so new and difficulties always arrise, its so alive and amazing! For me at least, im happy when  life constantly puts up challenges (some like it easy). Its the eternal question: are we being let live? or DO we live? understand? I LIVE. i dont not simply live. understand?

Also! For Flight of the Conchords fans (ahem, Anne) Murray was just in the same room as me. He was the tour guide for a group of students, he had a thick New Zealand accent and he seriously did roll call and then made the same stupid jokes and everything it was fabulous!

Gosh i could go on and on about my day! To sum it up, i understood that artowrk is a universal language, that not much is better than a pen, piece of paper and a piece of shade in the imperial gardens, and that one can survive without uttering much more than a few words all day (and this is just the staart of it)

Thanks for reading, sorry about the spelling error etc. im on a clock on this computer. Thank you blog for being my friend and for always existing on the worldwideweb, so that even if i lose my journal i still have you. And thank you Buddha for being so beautiful and peaceful, and for inspiring some amazing artwork that i saw today. And thank  you for the woman who laughed when i tripped and fell walking up some stairs today. Thank you, woman. thanks for that. Thank you japan for being so nice to a poor girl like me who would rather wander than admit that shes lost 🙂 thanks for helping me anyway.


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