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fun night. bad post.

today was so great… all of my girlfriends who are reading this right now: YOU HAVE TO COME WITH ME TO HARAJUKU. Oh my god you girls would die and go to heaven. i know that sounds really girly but i kid you not, its the best shopping that ive ever seen in my entire life. streets and streets of the best fashion, trade stores, speciality stores, yummy food, and everything is low cost and the cutest clothing i’ve ever seen in my life, so much better than urban or H&m…. we have to go together one day!! theres no way that i can even put into words, just imagine clothing-heaven and you will be in Harajuku.

After Harajuku i met up with some dutch girls that i met and we went to grab a beer, but ended up at a really funny jazz bar with 3 giant beers and a bunch of old business men… so lame, we felt so stupid like we’re in Tokyo and we cant even find a decent place to party! So we wandered around a bit and then took the metro home and on the way we ran into this cute Japanese boy from Osaka who was lost, apparently.So i tried really hard to help him, as a way to return the favors of all the people who have helped me on this trip (that was my thought), but he ended up being a totally drunken idiot and following me to the youth hostel at which point the cute boy who is behind the front desk saved my booty, for the third time since i’ve been here. its kind of cute actually… just this morning he ran my wallet out to me as i was walking down to the station because he noticed i’d forgotten it. he came panting from behind me… he must think i am so naive! forgetting my wallet and letting a wierdo follow me home. (in my defense, the guy was innocent, just a little drunk maybe now that i look back. but he bought me an orange juice…?)

BUT im being kicked offline, its curfew. i love you guys i’ll write you a much better post next time i promise 😉


One thought on “fun night. bad post.

  1. andi B! says:

    erika!! im so glad i just found all of these posts i know this one is a little old but oh my god i feel ya on harajuku!!! AMAZING!!!! i absolutely loved it i think that was one of the highlights of my trip. i miss and love you!!

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