JAPAN daily's

The importance of shoes:

Our theme for the day is…SHOES! Oh, how satisfying they are. And how ironic that i spent a full hour in the shoe department of a giant luxury department store in Shinkuju today, admiring the unmatched beauty of a well-crafted high heel, meanwhile suffering with every step of my final day in Tokyo.

I have walked miles and miles every single day for the past week, every mile of which i wore sandals. Tiny, flimsy, flippy, floppy, beaten, beachy, gold sandals…. and let me tell you– HOW my feet have suffered. I staggered back to the hostel at 5, and soaked the poor puppies in icecold water for 30 minutes, and then i rubbed them and massaged them and took 2 ibuprofen and elevated them and im about to take a hot shower!

There should not be any mystery why the Japanese are so thin; they eat small portions of fish and rice and they walk miles a day! up and down stairs, over and across streets… the poor dears wear high heels too.

 Im not complaining, im just reporting. My current state is SORE, and to get back to my room i must climb 5 flights of stairs. Good thing i got travel insurance, somebody call an abulance ’cause Erika is gunna need a stretcher!

BUT! Im leaving tokyo in the morning, heading off to Chiba to hang out with Ucchy-san. And i forgot to mention that i gave myself a haircut with a pair of sissors in the bathroom!! Hahaha, its cute tho. I figured i’d do a better job doing it myself than trusting someone new, or who cant speak english. Its better, shorter, cute, Erikaesque, and since i got it ive been getting more attention from the japanese boys and I LIKE THAT!


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