JAPAN daily's

Japanese Dream

Something that has been challenging about having a travel blog is finding the appropriate words. Sometimes something happens, i have this amazing AMAZING day and its really hard to convey  it with words. But, that is the challenge of writing. So i will do my best to express the happenings of today!

I got on a train at 10 this morning and took off from the center of Tokyo toward the Japanese coastline, toward the beach town of Kujukuri. The train ride itself was fun, full of nicely unexpected transfers due to the train line ending far earlier than i thought it was going to… but eventually i made it. Obviously not much to say about waiting at a train station, but– an adorable little Japanese girl came up and introduced herself and was a friend of Ucchys and was waiting for him to pick her up too! i was confused at first, and you may be confused also so allow me to further explain…

Her name is Ayuko, spelling may be a bit off, but she took the day off graduate school in Tokyo to come spend the day with me at Ucchys! Shes 21, SO SWEET, and is majoring in Chemistry.

Ok, so try to imagine leaving the biggest city youve ever been in, full of noise, pollution and skyscrapers… and 2 hours later you find yourself eating sushi with the coolest guy and the sweetest girl, then going to a Japanese pear farm to pick (by hand) the ‘finest in all of Japan’. They dont lie. Then driving on a tiny little road that looks like a road in Maui (rayna, lauren, rash: the road to hana) and coming out of a tunnel to see the sun setting over the sweetest beach youve ever seen. It was a scene straight out of a movie. It was yet another time when i thought i should have a video camera taping this whole trip; you cant make up anything half as good as the stories i have aquired!

So we sat on the beach and talked, the language barrier poses quite a challenge but its okay. We just laugh. So Ayoko is making dinner right now, she refused to let me help her…. i cant believe she ditched school to do this!

So yeah, if youre wondering if i made it here safely (dad) I DID. And even more than that, I may have seen my future. Its like a Japanese Santa Cruz… no like a Japanese form of Bolinas. Thats it! So amazing, ill tell you more when i have more 😉


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