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Sweet potatoe pie

I am so thankful for the past of days, they have FULFILLED my dreams! Really though. Today was: amazing.

Woke up, had a wonderful Japanese breakfast and went to check out the waves but it was pretty windy so we decided to go on a hike in beautiful rural Chiba. So we drove and drove… the drive alone was incredible. One of those moments you think… ‘mmm yummy, I could do this forever…’ Rice fields, traditional japanese homes, beautiful green forests and hillsides… eventually we came to our destination, and walked down a beautful pathway next to a river. There were waterfalls and fish and the best part was on our way back to the car, a little old Japanese man came out of a barn with Japanese sweet potatoes in his hands. He’d baked them for himself in a brick oven but as he saw us walking past he offered them to us. So we walked and we ate warm Japanese sweet potatoes! Incredible.

When we go back we went to dinner with some of Ucchys friends for fried oysters. Are there fried oysters in America? I’ve never heard of them , and im suprised because the US fries everything! Not to mention, fried oysteres were fabulous.

So the rest of the evening we spent listening to Japanese punk rock, watching surf videos and talking & laughing.

I seriously love it here.

Sooooooo, tomorrow (hopefully) we go surfing in the morning. Thats another thing, these few days have reminded me of my love for surfing and the lifestyle. As much as I used to like to think so, i am NOT a city girl. I belong with the sun and the sand and the easy going, simple life.

I leave for Kanazawa tomorrow on the Shinkansen (high speed bullet train thats as fast as a rocket ship to the mooon!!) I have a youth hostel waiting for me there.

Alas, I begin yet another chapter in my Japanese journey. This is so, so, GREAT!


3 thoughts on “Sweet potatoe pie

  1. Anne says:

    I’m just catching up with all your entries–keep up with the great posts!
    It’s a joy to read. Love that you saw Murray and he took roll call.
    Love, Anne

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