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Thoughts on butterflies, earthquakes and warts.

I’ve had a lot of funny thoughts today, i’ll try and get you through my thought process… at this time i ask you to please open your mind to my eccentricities!

Firstly, I am a matcha lover. A bench-hunting matcha lover. I hunt for matcha frozen yogurt and then i hunt for a bench… it seems as though im always hunting for a bench. Since im on a tight budget, instead of paying money all over the place to do all the tourist attractions, i simply sit some where for a while and take it all in. That way, if i ever need to tell someone about that place, or if i see it in a book, i can say ”i had lunch under the Umeda Sky Building and sat for an hour.” Understand? And i can also say, ‘Wow, the ground there is so clean you could eat off of it, and its where business men smoke, nap, and eat their lunches.” You wouldnt know that unless you sat for a while, and now you understand! That said, with all the sitting that i do, i think A LOT. Ponder may be a better word. I mean, this trip is a trip of comtemplation…. So i’ll tell you some of my thoughts, its pretty funny:

For some reason i keep wanting to make up a story and put it on here! I have told nothing but the truth so far, and i find it strange that i keep wanting to write a story about how one day i was sitting in a park, writing and yellow butterflies were surrounding me. A little flock of yellow butterflies, and a bunch of old women took pictures. HOW WIERD IS THAT. I think it keeps popping into my head because i see yellow butterflies all the time and always for a moment i think that one is following me, but its totally not. I am not Snow White for gods sake, I’m not special like that…

Also, i brought with me to Japan a few pictures and a few magazine clippings (put it on the record that im not usually one of thoese ”magazine clippings” type of girl) Anwhoo, for some reason i always want to sketch a picture of Sienna Miller. I have almost 10 sketches of the same picture; If someone finds my journal, or if my children read it after i have children and then die, what will they think of me??

Here’s a thought process for you: today i went to the fabulous Suntory Museum and saw a Toulouse Lautrec exhibit thats only in Osaka for a few days! I AM THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD. I’ve seen Toulouse Lautrec in Paris, New York AND Japan… that thought was first and foremost in my mind as i strolled the exhibit. But my second thought was from noticing a number of machines in the rooms that were quietly recording the slightest vibrations, for earthquakes (i assume). So i started thinking about what i would do if there were an earthquake while i was in the exhibit. To be honest, the first thing i thought was that i would save the artwork. SAVE THE MASTERPIECES! But, of course, human lives are of supreme importance. Keep in mind if there were an earthquake, im assuming that I would be that person who would be miraculously untouched and able to help everyone else…. ha. Anyway, my ambition to help the people in the exhibit in the instance of an emergency was swayed when the little oldJapanese women kept bumping into me, stepping infront of me and putting their teeny tiny noses inches from the artwork. They would RUSH! through the rooms, and stand right infront of me, i felt a little bit like i was being bullied. It quite angered me. So i would just take a deep one, tell myself to relax, and look down at the gound for a moment and WOWWIE!! I’d notice my really cool new shoes and feel better because my feet deserved the shoes so much and im just very happy with my purchase. Their goofy awesome bright blue adidas.

ALSO. Today, under the Umeda Sky Building, i discovered a reverse waterfall and a headless man. In the case of the waterfall, i could hear a waterfall, and there was running water in a creek beneath the waterfall, and there were the rocks that formed a waterfall, but no water going down the waterfall… obviously it was made that way, but it completely confused me and i couldnt figure it out! As for the headless man, see for yourself:

 Headless man.

And lastly, today I was reading my Lonely Planet guide to Japan (since its the only literature i have) and i came across a quote that inspired me, got me to thinking:

”Travel books about Japan often end up turning into extended reflections about the uniqueness… of Japan. One writer who did not fall prey to this temptation was Alan Booth… Booth loved Japan, warts and all…”

I guess you could say I’ve been a bit love struck here. They say love is blind, and i hate that quote! I hate the truth in it, my past experiences have taught me to hate the truth in that quote. So I will not let Japan pull the wool over my eyes! No sir, so I’m working on discovering the warts of Japan and reporting them. After all–like in love, theres no such thing as a Utopia. 

And now…… pictures for everyone:

TOKYO, KAmakura Buddha, SPORTS FEST 1, Sports fest 2, & 3!, Bamboo trail!, gardeners, ME in osaka, ME & my shoes, Umeda Sky Building, me & Auyoko, me in Kanazawa , me! a girl in my room took it, funny…,



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on butterflies, earthquakes and warts.

  1. Leah Peah says:

    erikaa! your pictures are great, and you know what, i think there ALWAYS is a little flock of yellow butterflies flying around you because you are RADIANT! hahahhah my mom says you look like a real japanese girl!

    and ps. i am touched that you are wearing that bracelet in your pictures!

    i love you.

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