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I’ll throw ‘n apple at ya, Appalachian. Psshhhh…

My stay in Osaka was fabulous! Yesterday I spent the day in Kyoto with a boy named Tyler that i met. We went to an Indian restaurant and the cook put honey all over my naan bread and said, ‘honey for you because you are honey”, and then he asked me if i wanted to be in a movie. Tyler quickly changed the subject by mentioning Baliwood or some thing like that. I learned a few things from Tyler during the day that i spent with him, like the correct way to pronounce ”Appalachian” and that you feel the effects of a bad nights sleep two days later, not one day later. I also learned, unbeknown to him, that

1: You can’t simply travel with just anyone.

And 2: Especially if its a person of the opposite sex. If you dont know them really well or love them, i think it does not work!

Lets just say that theres only one Tyler i know and love and its not the one i spent the day with yesterday. Poor guy’s now a victim of my blog… he may read this too. I pondered that predicament and– i dont really care. I’m not going to spare anyone muahhahahaha.

Yes, i have an evil side. And my character flaws are that i have very little patience and i’m incapeable of hiding my annoyance or frustration with others. I do try, oh how i try! I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut though. I no longer unleash my wrath upon those few that i dont mix well with, but now i must learn to put on a better poker face. I need to teach myself to open my mouth pleasantly in situations like that. A proper lady can do this, but we all have our flaws… a shout out to those who love me anyway 😉

Hahaha, so enough with that. Off to Hiroshima, I’ve very excited. I hope its sunny there! And i hope i can meet up with Dr. JC there. I met him yesterday in the youth hostel. Hes a doctor of law and works for the Supreme Court of India, we’re going to go out to lunch.

Also, i’m planning my trip to Okinawa! I cant remember if i already said that… but im hoping to camp on a beach in Okinawa for a week. The ferry ride there is 24 hours, but the water is blue and the weather is warm (granted a typhoon doesnt hit) and it will be great…

I miss home a little bit at this point, but thats normal and A.o.k., and im just going to keep myself busy! I think i’ve just been elaborating a bit too much on all the fun im having and not being honest with myself that i DO miss my friends and family, maybe a mechanism to get me through one more month here? You understand? Its all about the way you talk to yourself.

Hopefully the Hiroshima YH has internet, I’m sure i’ll have a lot to say.

Love you guys,




2 thoughts on “I’ll throw ‘n apple at ya, Appalachian. Psshhhh…

  1. Dear Erika, I am thrilled to read your travelogue. You are priceless. I am showing these notes off to friends. Keep up the great writing, photo journalist I’d say. Alls well here. Lots of love, Grandma

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