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get out your Japan maps…

ive traveled a long way since i last posted, and unfortunately i have to write quickly right now but i`ll give you the scoop! The last time i wrote i was still in Osaka, on my way to Hiroshima… and ive already left Hiroshima and im now in Miyazaki!

Hiroshima was incredible. I reccomend to anyone and everyone: VISIT HIROSHIMA AT LEAST ONCE. The moment i got off the train i knew i liked it there; the people are so friendly, the city is beautiful and everything is just beautiful there. This made it even harder for me to comprehend that an atomic bomb was dropped there 60 years ago. They said nothing would grow for 75 years, but the city is thriving and its got to be the most peaceful city you could ever go to in your life. I wandered around my first evening there and happened to stumble into the Atomic Bomb dome, the sun was setting behind it and it immediately brought me to tears. You cant even imagine, its one of the most powerful momuments… it just lives there in the middle of a bustling city like a ghost. Cranes perch on the dome and its right on the river…. i sat there for a good hour and folded paper cranes. I went there everyday of my stay in Hiroshima, too. Hiroshima is an amazing city because you can feel a sense of depth there that no other city in the world can have. Its an eerie sort of haunted feeling, like the city is a sad person or something. Sad like the donkey in winnie the poo, whos name i cant figure out how to spell.

I met a lot of people in Hiroshima: a cute Japanese guy who sat with me and had a deep conversation for a few hours, a group of school girls in my hostel that i was forced to experience my first public shower with, but they said i was beautiful so that made me feel more confident about the whole process… i met a man named Dr. JC Bartra, who is a doctor of law and works for the Surpeme Court of India (he had lunch with me and confirmed all of my views on life, and he also told me to keep my email address because i am `indeed a breath of fresh air’)… and i met lots of other very friendly people, illl include some pictures tomorrow maybe.

Then i tookt he train to Miyazaki which took almost 13 hours and had an amazing sushi dinner last night with a really great group of people that Yohei put me in touch with. We had fun last night…. 😉 and then woke up early to go surfing. It was awesome, but  im not very good at surfing anymore. I tried tho and had a great time jsut being in the water. SoRight now my new friend Michi and I are going to go shopping and so thats why im typing quick!

I promise ill give you a better, more indepth post tonight or tomorrow…. i have lots to tell, its all written in my journal so i wont forget! Im sorry!! Post may become sparse for the next week, only because im going to be moving around quickly and then camping on a beach in Okinawa for 7 nights so i wont have easy internet access! But keep the pants on, cool your jets, because that only means some amazingincrediblefantasticlyadventerous posts are soon to come.

sorry for the quicky update, just thought i’d let everyone know im safe. love you guys, miss you too. xoxo!


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