JAPAN daily's

Reporting to you live from Miyazaki

Ladies and gents: The Japan Times.

It was some of the first English iv’e read since i’ve been in Japan and you better know i devoured it! Im buying an english book today for my trip to Okinawa though… anyway, it featured articles such as the coming-out of Dumbledore (something i called from the very start and no one believed me!), a new type of bubble wrap that can be popped infinitely (and it comes on a keychain too), a ferry in Indonesia that capsized and killed 30 people because as it approached shore everyone climbed on the roof to get better cell phone reception (if that doesnt embody the love asians have for their cell phones, i dont know what does), and acticles on the chronic manic depression of Charles Shultz & the 40 year obession a factory inspector has had with mannequins.

Which leads me to my conclusion that too many young japanese girls look and act like mannequins. Theyre extremly thin, impossibly groomed, skin white as snow and they walk around with stone-faces; absolutely expressionless! Even when theyre holding the hand of a well dressed, nicely pressed, good looking Japanese boy. No smile… It makes we wonder: are you unhappy? and how can i make it better?? Because time after time i find myself putting on the same scowl as i walk down the street, just so i dont look like a fairy with a big grin on my face as i window shop…. its CRAZY I TELL YA!  My friend Michiyo told me that the Japanese think of anything French as being of the highest class and quality, so im thinking i should teach come of the Japanese the term ‘joie de vivre’ (or perhaps the occasional, ‘fashion faux pas,’ while i’m at it). Though the Japanese love the French culture, passion and fashion can’t be taught. I do wish they would smile though…

Their French faults aside, I hereby properly award Japan for its talent at making bread. You wouldnt think so, but Japan has AMAZING bread! I think maybe they slip under the good-bread-radar because everyone looks to the European countries for quality bread. I’m telling you , Japan is in need of some major recognition. Maybe its because the Japanese have an obsession with the French? French inspiration is everywhere; They have cafes every place possible, French inspired fashion, soaps and perfume, they even call bread ‘pain’…. I’d love to reassure France that theyre unique and unlike any other culture in the world (god knows they would hate to be, dare i say, compared to anyone.) But oddly enough Japan does a great job immitating!

So tomorrow im off to Okinawa to sleep on a white sand beach for a week. Don’t worry or feel bad for me though, I’ll survive 😉


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