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smokey, with a chance of falling meatballs

Right now im in the Little Asia Guest House, for 13 bucks a night. Its right next to the train tracks, but seriously its a cool place! Free internet, for one…  Its just amazing to me that i can sleep in a dedent bed, in a clean place for under 20 dollars a night.

My ferry leaves for Naha at 6pm today, and arrives around 7pm tomorrow. I bought the books Pride and Prejudice and The Time Travelers Wife to keep me company. Girly boooooks!

While i was worried about my own safety in camping on a beach in the middle of typhoon season, it seems the rest of the world is up against much greater odds. Fire and guns are attcking my state! I do not feel comfortable with this…. though i anticipated somthing big happening while i was hopeless on the other side of the world. At least i know about the news and im not swimming in tropical water totally obvlivious….

Not to be totally corny, but honestly: My heart goes out to the people who have fallen victim to the fires in southern california. There could not be a scarier thing for me to imagine! I think its safe to say i have a phobia of big fires… i saw the news and started shaking. I cant summon the words to say how much i hope for the wind and fire to stop.

I was thinking about the reaction the government has had to the fires in southern california, and i cant help but wonder how it makes New Orleans feel. It looks like the government responded instantaneouslyto the cry for help from the upper class white folks in Orange County. The shelters have remained ”remarkably calm”, and are over stocked on diapers, from what i heard on the japanese news. George Bush is flying out to get a looksie for himself and, while the situation is without question desperate & horrific, i simply cant help but wish the reaction time of the government and emergency services was the same for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.

And will someone further inform me about the shooting that happened in my quaint town of Sonoma?? I am at a loss!


2 thoughts on “smokey, with a chance of falling meatballs

  1. mikayla says:

    ok, so about the shooting that happend on monday night.
    it was 17 Luis miranda aka “Soldier” he was shot in the face 3 times, while behind the boys and girls club. the people/person who shot him and the accomplises are caught. they were held at gun point later that night at taco bell. luis passed away shortly after police authorities got to the scene while his friend was there with him covered in his blood.
    you can also read about it at
    http://www.sonomasun.com and look at breaking news

  2. mom says:

    One point made about the differience between the fires and Katrina victims. People could drive to the shelters and help could get into the area easier. It dosn’t change the fact that Katrina was a racial disaster for this country and we will see what we can do for A disaster when Bush needs popularity, and its a republican area! POLITICS

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