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”typhoon” means hurricane in Japanese

WOW. Here i sit in a reggae-peace-&-love guest house in Okinawa, its so awesome! i woke up early so that i could take pictures of the place without anyone thinking i was crazy!…. and i dont think i explained, but a guest house is like a home that someone lets you stay in. It has a few more formalities, but youre pretty much a guest in some ones house.

Before i get ahead of myself i’ll start from the beginning…

The ferry was amazing, for some reason when i hear the word ‘ferry’ i think of Will & Grace, or the boat that takes you to the Giants games… but this was more like a SHIP! I felt like i was getting on the Titanic! Pardon my elaboration, but a girl had to use her imagination in such situations to keep herself entertained… Clearly, i was no Rose Dawson since i boarded the sip with a large backpack on my shoulders, canned food in tote, and also considering that i had so share a medium sized tatami room with 7 veeery old japanese women who, i kid you not, slept for the entire ride. All 25 hours of it.

I met a german boy who may have wanted to play the roll of Jack, but i quickly fended him off, mainly because I stuffed my nose in my book the entire time. He tried to, but couldnt get a successful word to me. I know im mean but i’ve learned that i cant tolerate most boys that i meet on this trip, i might give them a fighting chance for an instant but if i dont like, i dont talk. They come off as desperate and i would much rather read Jane Austen.

So at 7 o clock last evening we docked in Naha, and i got off the ship and still didnt know where i was going to sleep that night! But when i have warm weather, i have confidence. Warm weather means if all else fails you can sleep on the beach. Alas, i didnt need to because i found my Okinawa Guest House, cared for by a reggae woman who by best friend would love. Rashell would have probably walked up to her & her friends and said ”JAH!” or something, but i was scared. I danced a little bit and went to bed early… my excuse for being a partypooper is that im alone and i must take great care of myself in the night time. you understand?

Last night was a bit scary because there is a typhoon passing just above Okiwawa, so it will be pretty windy for a few days, but no rain. I must admit it’d be pretty cool to wait-out a Typhoon in this little guest house! But scary, and im really excited to camp on the beach. Today i find my camping spot. If all goes well, its called Imbu Beach, north of Naha.

Ill write again when i can! most  likely in about a week perhaps. Maybe earlier, but no longer after that. I want to take the November 4th ferry back to Kagoshima. Love, peace and Jah,



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