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Jimmy Buffett could write a song about this:

Alone in Paradise would be the name. Im back in the Okinawa Guest House much earlier than i anticipated due to weather conditions, and also the woman who owned the camp site kicked me out! I have no idea as to why. I was quiet, clean, respectful and i was in my tent by 7 every single night! Hmph.

Anywho, i realized that camping in paradise by oneself isnt all its cracked up to be. There was no one to enjoy the cerulean water with, the sunsets, the little lapping waves, the white sand, the cranes that would fly across in the morning and the fruit bats that would come out in the evening. I pondered the tragedy of it all and decided that it wasnt tragedy, it ws learning. Which is never tragic! I learned to always go to paradise with a lover or a friend. Take my word on that.

Its overcast in Okinawa, and light showers throughout the day… boo hoo. And im now sleeping in the girls dormitory and it makes me tired and sad because of two reasons: they stay up all night chatting like the best of friends. and 2: they stay up all night chatting like the best of friends! Im both envious and wanting quiet all at the same time.

Okinawa is fabulous though, it the closest to california that i can get, so im happy about that. Im not quite homesick but i’m feeling a little bit sick and i miss home a tad. But thats different than being homesick. Right?

I thought i bought well enough pages of english literature but i raced through those books like there was no tomorrow! And i found my love of reading again. You know, when i was a little girl i hardly talked to anyone except for my friend Jade and we would just sit and read books together constantly. Its a form of escape, but different (and much better for you) than drugs and alcohol. So im reading Pride and Prejudice again. If you had talked to me for a few days after i finished that book i would have spoken like an little, delicate English maid! I cant get that type of syntax and that proper English diction out of my head! Its quite funny, actually.

Well, im going to sign off… drop me a line if you feel like it. I would be much appreciative, for i am feeling the pangs of lonliness quite severely.

love, erika


2 thoughts on “Jimmy Buffett could write a song about this:

  1. ashley says:

    i tried calling you, but the operator woman told me i wasn’t allowed to call international 😦 do you know of another way i could get through? i think i might have to get a calling card like dad..

  2. mom says:

    I taught you to camp with quiet camp voice,leave it cleaner than when you came. Did I forget something about Japanese camping!? How could you be kicked out! Did you go out naked?

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