JAPAN daily's

Pick your nose, girl!

Or im going to do it for you! Haha… i can’t sleep at night what with a whistling orchestra going on all around me. My nights throw me into a whirlwind of wacky, whimsicle whistling that makes me woeful and wound up when i have to wait and wait for the snorring to STOP! But its not quite snorring, these girls in my dorm just have those whistly boogers that, through the course of a night, can tell the story of an opera. They also send me into a number of different emotions, usually circulating from laughing, to angst, to frustration. Frustration that i have to get my sleep in the day time! But im up right now and im feeling better, now that ive had some coffee.

Another thing: On my iPod i have NO beatles! I forgot to re-sync it before i left and so its all hip hop (ya dont stop.) But oddly enough, The Beatles have, in a sense, narrated my entire Japan trip. I constantly sing them in my mind, different songs for different moods, situations…. but i just think its interesting. The one band I want, i dont have, and i constantly sing. Other than that my main men have been John Mayer and Miles Davis. I feel you need to know that.

So today the weather is shabby again and im planning on sitting my butt down in Starbucks and working on my christmas cards. I wish i had more to report! Im just having some down time here in Okinawa, more stories of adventure will come after about the fifth or sixth when i go back to the mainland and start up my backpacking again.

I really hope everyone had a great Halloween and im jealous i missed out. I was never that big of a fan anyway, so i dont really know why i wish i could have been ther. But i do. Love ya guys, I’ll write again soon before i leave on the ferry back to Kagoshima.



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