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e.e. cummings

For some reason i have the craziest dreams EVER in Japan. At home, i dont ever sleep very well so i never remember my dreams. I remember some of my dreams from when i was a kid and they were pretty wierd too. I used to dream in cartoon and all sorts of cool things like that. For some reason or another my dreams left me this past year, and now theyre back full force. Thats right you bettah believe it!

Every night or so i have a reoccurring dream where Im watching a film, a documentary on a very large screen thats real footage of the day that Charlie Chaplin and Betty Boop died descending Mount Tam. Betty Boop was a real person and they had no idea that they were actually going to die that day, they thought i was just like a reality show type of thing. Anyway, Betty Boop sings throughout the film, narrating it in a sense. She sings of her yellow cat that she loves, that i always actually see in the dream, and she sings of the day she saw James Dean and how her love for her cat lessened because so much of her love went to James Dean. In my dream, this film is critically acclaimed.

Another reoccurring dream is that i’m with my highschool girls cross country team and we’re defending Elyssa Strunnin from certain boys by throwing over-ripe persimmons at them. And somewhere in that dream, i kid you not, i always have to cross a lava river by way of a tiny little wooden foot bridge.

Thats just the tip of the iceberg though, i wont bore you with nonsense.

Today as i was walking along the river in Naha, feeling a bit lethargic due to a lack of sleep from snorring room mates, my phone rang! No one ever calls me on that phone except for my dad, and i had already spoken to him. Turned out it was Ashley. I cannot convey my rapture and excitement! I didnt tell her at the time but it made tears leap from my eyeballs for a few moments. We talked for about an hour and let me tell you it has made the biggest difference in my physical energy, its almost a wonder.

How is it that people draw energy from eachother? Some people drain you, and some lift you! And some relationships lift both people; Both people draw from eachother. In the way of science, where does this energy come from? I pondered this, and my conclusion is scientific as well. This energy that inspires us to move foward when we dont think we can anymore, or we dont want to, is kinetic energy. It fuels us to move, to create, and gives us action of motion in some form or another. All kinetic energy, by law, was once potential energy. That is the key point!

My question: ”Where does this energy come from?” The answer is that the potential is inside of us; the perfect display of the enormous potential that humans have.

Furthermore, a perfect display of our need for human interaction. Human interaction, after all, is what draws this potential out of us and turns it into kinetic energy. Humans inspire humans. This is the lesson, above all other, that i have learned on my Japan trip. We can’t do it alone! We all need eachother to reach our highest potential; which is really endless.

The simple fact is, dont let anyone bring you down or belittle that potential. Its there inside all of us, so who is one person to set limits? Let them only limit themselves! And in the meantime, surround yourself with the right people– the people you love and the people that inspire you to be better. Inspire people whenever possible, and in turn people will inspire you. This is the beauty of life: the power of human interaction and the power of LOVE! Thats right, i just actually said that and ment it. I mean the type of love thats between sisters and brothers, the core and the root and the bud of the bud of LOVE (not lust.)

I hope to always live my life in this way! I love to inspire others, and I love to be inspired = filfilling life.


Thank you for calling me! I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart.


4 thoughts on “e.e. cummings

  1. ashley says:

    i just wanted to tell you that i have read this to both heather and jennelle, and we all think you are brilliant. jennelle said that what you wrote is “glorious” and it changed her life!

  2. Leah says:

    you inspire me soo much! and you know that because i tell you all the time!

    and secondly, when i was reading that, i questioned to myself, “would erika really be able to use those scientific references of kinetic and potential energy with out mr van!? and without out amazing austen powers movie??”

    i think not… i love you!

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