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A brief update and synopsis

My deepest apologies for not posting for such an extended length of time!! I shall update you on recent happenings and whereabouts, as well as give you the late-since promised work on the warts of Japan.

After getting off of that gut wrenching ferry ride, my intention was to immediately resume my travels. Plans changed when my head didn’t stop spinning for 2 days, and i found myself sleeping for 12 hour intervals. Needless to say, i decided to stay put in Kagoshima for a few days to rest up again. It would be pointless to wander around exhausted.

Kagoshima was amazing, too. Im very happy with my decision to say. I met a wonderful girl from Hokkaido named Misaki who spoke fabulous English. We went to the Kamikaze pilot museum, which was all in Japanese, so it was a huge advantage to have her company because she translated a lot of their last letters, and even a lecture that we had the treat of sitting through. The saddest story i heard was about a fiance to one of the men that was a Kamikaze. She had a 4 month old baby with him when he went off and (essencially) committed suicide. she was so distraught over his death that she stopped lactating and the baby died as well. Sorry for the downer.

I loved Kagoshima because i found family in the Guest House i stayed at. Every night i would pay 280 yen (basically free) to sit down to dinner with about 15 people and talk and laugh over traditional Japanese food. So comforting! Comfort in Japan is hard to come by, and one thing i recently realized is that I have become a creature of habit. Working at Starbucks and witnessing first hand the human phenomenon of habit & i always laughed at it! ”I am no such person!” ALAS, i am. Please understand that in Japan, traveling, nothing is constant. Not your bed, not the weather, not the people, your sleep. The only thing i can count on is that my train will arrive on time and the convenience store will always have my favorite breakfast that I depend on in order to feel that i’ve begun my day on the right foot. In such a foreign country, if you become familiar with something, even if it isnt particularly practical, theres almost no going back. And thats something im willing to live with. God knows I cant always be new and bold and trail blazing, so dont be upset that im staying at the same youth hostel in Osaka and eating at the same Indian restaurant every night, even though theyre perverts.

SOOooooo…Today i made my pilgrimage! Thats right, I DID! And now youre wondering, ”How can a girl who isnt  religious made any sort of pilgrimage?” Well, if you know me, you know that i am close to religiously passionate about politics. And today, ladies and gents, I made the treck across the country to the opposite coast to the town of OBAMA. Beautiful, quaint fishing town with lush green hills, beautiful coastlines, and yummy sea food. They also specialize in luxury chopsticks, so i went ahead and bought Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama their very own chopsticks from their very own Japanese fighing village. I fully intend on writing them a witty letter and sending them the chopsticks with some pictures enclosed as well.. It was a day to remember… and it was funny how everyone would react when i would express to them my desire for a train ticket with the destination Obama: a middle-of-no-where, nothing-to-do fishing town. ”why she want to go there?!”

And now, the  WARTS OF JAPAN:

My first statement is a bold one. I mean it seriously, but not definitely.

In certain aspects, Japan is like 1984.

You know, i was going to write this wonderful explanation, and give you my finished opinion, but i’ve decided to tease you, because as i sat here about to retype onto this screen what i had already written in my journal, it became clear to me that i need to make this more clear for YOU. Otherwise, i cant see any reason for you to exclaim at my findings, since they happen to sound a lot like American culture (which, in reality, they are a lot more extreme) Please continue to anticipate this short essay until, perhaps, the end of my trip when i finish my research. I will not let you down or disappoint you, and you will be so fully well read on the innards of Japanese culture, someone ought to think you have been here yourself!

And so i must say, until next time my comrades! Tomorrow I’ off to Tokyo again to stay with my lovely friend Ayuko and her family in Shinjuku! I’m very excited, although i will miss my routine favorite Indian restaurant here in Osaka (what with the honey poured all over my naan bread and such)

Not lonely and enjoying myself fully,



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