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Home sweet home!

Right now, words to describe my mood: cozy and warm, comfy and yummy. I am back at the Hagio’s house and it feels like home 🙂

The Hagios are the family that i stayed with in the very beginning of my trip. I left here about a month ago with my just backpack, so returning to a familiar home feels nicer than you can probably imagine! How strange that my thought while pulling up to Tokyo Station was ”Ahhh, home at last.” CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

So i arrived back in Tokyo the day before yesterday and met my friend Ayuko at Shinjuku Station. She had to speak with the Station clerk to find out where i was…. all i know is the subway system, if you expect me to conquer the actual STATIONS and station exits youre sadly mistaken. I get off the metro and i just walk, not really sure of what direction i’m going in. Regardless, sure as Santa she found me and took me to her sweet little home just outside of Shinjuku. It was so great, one of those experiences where you think to yourself ”I’m never going to forget this, this is so cool!!” For instance, riding a bike right behind Ayuko in the misty night time in Tokyo to go rent a movie… I will never forget that.(even though the romance of the situation was killed by my clumsiness. I have been so clumsy lately its REDONCULOUS! [INSERT corny saying like, ” something…. and a china shop” or ”long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs”.] But really, I feel like a like Bambi when trying to walk, or a new born horsey. And i had a dream last night, i just remembered, that  Michiyo was a doctor and she was giving me a check up and she did a test on my equilibrium with this little noise maker. When she turned it on, it started making a humming noise and i began to uncontrollably sway back and forth, losing my balance.  WHATS THE DEAL WITH THAT!!)

Anywhoooo, we rented movies in English which was really refreshing. Now i’m at a point where i want to watch English movies and re-adapt certain American things (such as showering alone…?) I think to myself, ”i’ve tried it all”, including raw horse sashimi and raw chicken, and now i want to return to some of my normal ways. Last night Taichi and Nana reeeeeally wanted to shower and take a bath with me and Taichi was crying and they were begging me ”PLEEASE AIR-RI-KA! PLEEAAASE!!” And you know, i love the children. I really do, but i couldnt make myself take a bath with them…. i just couldnt do it. I’ve been showering in big public baths, at youth hostels and such, and i can do that easily now. But a small bathroom in a little bathtub? I’m stage fright of a little boy starring at me while i wash my hair! Not to mention they always make little off-hand comments about how I am chubby 😦  Please understand, i tried to make them happy and i wanted to be able to take a bath with them, but i had to say, ”I am so sorry kids, this is a big cultural difference and for some reason i just cant bathe with you.”  And i told them, (to make them better understand, even though it may have been a biiit of a stretch,) that i was taught that only my future husband can see my naked body and that in America we are very private of our bodies (explaining the grey area in that statement would have been too complicated for little children, not to mention inappropriate. Can you imagine, ”… well, unless you get really drunk and accidentially take your clothes off, or if you have a serious boyfriend before you get married, or, you know,  if you sleep in the nude and the cleaning lady opens the door in the morning to find that the sheets are exposing you a bit. Otherwise, we dont show our naked bodies generally…)

But back to Shinjuku with Ayuko, I ate a delicious dinner with her and her family and we painted our nails and watched movies and listened to music, and the next morning we went to her University and she toured me around. I bought goldfish for Nana and Taichi (which they LOVED. They both named their fishes ”fishy”.) I can hardly believe the fish survived an afternoon in Shibuya and a Tokyo rush-hour train ride to Zushi!

So today i slept like a freakin’ ROCK last night, a log, a baby… all of them combined for that matter. Out like a light until 10 o clock a.m., which is crazy for me. And so now i’m happy to simply be a part of the Hagio family for a few days. Go to Taichi’s swimming lesson (to make up for the fact that i cant shower with him) and perform other semi-sisterly acts. Its great fun. With my mind at ease here, i am easily inspired and will write my blog daily.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the Holiday season! And I cant help but anticipate my feelings on my arrival to my real  home, if Tokyo feels comfortable.

PS- I added some Japan pictures on my Myspace if youre curious.


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