JAPAN daily's

Miso happy my daddy is coming!

SO last night i cooked a wonderful dinner for the Hagio’s… it was a little serving of everything: teryaki chicken, pasta casserole, Japanese pumpkin soup, mashed potatoes and a salad with chocolate mousse for desset. I was craving a european dish, but the dinner ended up hurting my tummy a little bit because i have become so used to the very light Japanese cuisine! It was delicious, but i think one thing that will stay with me from my journey in Japan is the Japanese diet. It feels so light and healthy, and i really love miso soup and rice in the morning.

Today my dad comes to meet me in Japan! I will take the train to Narita Airport and wait for him around 4 o clock outside the international gate. I can hardly believe how fast this day has arrived, but also how much has happened to me since i first landed in Japan feeling like November 15th was such a long time away. I am a different person in some respects, but also very much the same, and altogether better than i was before i left. I wonder if i look more grown up, and i am curious for my dad to point out changes in me that i dont see in myself. I think that the way i speak is different. I believe it is, and rightly so! For i hardly ever get to have an easy conversation in English…. and never very casual either. Its always talking to adults, so i always speak very properly and clearly. Now that i think of it, i havent uttered a swear word in 2 months. Thats a pretty big deal for me, who tends to easily run off on a tangent of playful swearing. I’m excited to see my daddy… its something thats  difficult to capture in words. I better leave it to you to imagine how nice it will be for me to see such a familiar, friendly face.

I’ve been reading the book Little Women and it makes me miss my sisters so much. I wont bore everyone, but my sisters and I are so much alike the girls in the book! I am so much like Joe, and ashley is like Meg, and claire is Amy and we all have a little bit of Beth in our personalities. The way we get along is very similar, even though we argue quite a bit its never all that harmful and on paper it simply reads like a beautiful tale of sisterly love, just like Little Women.

I will soon be writing my blog for 2 people, and i will inform everyone of the changes my dad points out in me. Or whatever it is he sees…. so this day marks one week before i arrive in san francisco on the 24th of November and i am very happy about that!!


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