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Thanks, on Black Friday

I feel like im writing to no one; im not sure anyone reads this thing anymore! But that wont stop me, if even one person is still reading it then i guess its worth it.

I stopped writing as often toward the end of my trip because i was so exhausted and i didnt have enough energy to maintain my “good” blog posts that everyone seemed to love so much! I think it was also because i became totally used to the culture so things that were interesting and exciting in the beginning became a normal, everyday thing for me.

Even though 2 months was a really long time to be away from home, and even though its difficult for me to accept that ive been [temporarily] forgotten by many, i wouldnt ever go back in time and make the trip shorter. In 2 months i learned so much about the Japanese people, and their culture and country, and i became so immersed in it that i really think i will experience a bit of what they call ‘Reverse Culture Shock’. But i am wildly anticipating the awkwardness of tall people, big feet, blond hair, the English language and the American dollar (which, by the way, is so inflated right now i could use it as toilet paper.)

Im all packed and ready to go home! I cant believe it. .. I’m not sad to leave Japan but, rather, in awe of how fast time flies, and im in awe of myself also. I totally did it, Japan exceeded all of my hopes and expectations. I made a ton of new friends all over the world, I learned and matured, and gained huge confidence in myself because i conquered the Japan Rail system. Its just wonderful to know that i did that because it means i can do anything that i set my mind to.

I learned how lucky i am to be an American girl, and i learned that Americans are NOT the worst tourists. In my opinion we are too hard on ourselves! Americans are loved by everyone but France (who, i also learned, doesnt like ANYONE. Not just Americans. And I know  theyre really not too happy about Sarkozys new relations with Bush…) I learned patience with others and with myself. I learned how paralyzing fear can be, and that if you step off the curb not only will you be okay, but you will be MUCH more than OK. Its important never to allow yourself to succumb to fear because if you do, you miss out on life.

I also learned about new ideas of beauty. Even though in a previous post i said i would never marry a traditional Japanese man, i didntsay i dont think some of them are extremely handsome and (dare i say…) sexy. Lots of American girls dont find themselves attracted to Asian men but i think they havent seen some of the Japanese guys that i have 🙂

Tomorrow i go back in time. I leave Narita Airport on Saturday at 6pm and I arrive in SAN FRANCISCO AT 10 AM on SATURDAY!!! I put that in caps because i am so excited. Im excited to re-live Saturday November 24, a day that will forever be famous to me; The longest day of my life thusfar.

Mom, Rashell, Molly, Eva, Rayna, Glady, Leah, Tina, Ernie, EVERYONE beeee READY please!! I miss you all so much and i really want to see you as soon as possible!! I may be tired, and i might have a hard time speaking English the way i normally did, but dont mind that because my heart is so Thankful, like Thanksgiving, which i didnt have. And my sisters didnt call me on Thanksgiving and im sad. Thanks, guys. FOR NOTHIN’!

HAha, just kidding.. i’m giddy with excitement. Goodnight see you soon!


One thought on “Thanks, on Black Friday

  1. ashley says:

    we did call you! and you didn’t answer!! tod, phyllis, wiggy, miranda, and MICHAEL all wanted to talk to you.. we just figured you had returned your japanese phone already. ill talk to you later today though YAY!

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