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Ninety-six point fiiiive…

I’m home! Actually, I’m at Eva’s right now, freezing my toes off and unable to sleep. Sonoma is, as my friend molly so perfectly phrased it, “painfully the same”. Its stranger than i could have imagined to be back in Sonoma… my first thought was how low all the buildings are. In Japan they build upwards, being on an island and unable to expand outward. So every building has 2 stories at the very least. And where there arent skyscrapers and tall buildings there are towering mountains. So the geography here feels strange, a feeling like something is missing… it feels naked. Maybe someone should tell Geography that he forgot to put his pants on.

I was by far the most excited person on that airplane. I couldnt sleep a wink, despite the fact that my eyes were so red and tired i looked like i had just taken a bong rip. There came a time, while flying to California, where i crossed an imaginary line and felt like “this is MY turf now and im going to dance in my chair while watching Hairspray if i want to!” I made a promise to myself that when the wheels touched that runway i was going to let out a joyful whoop of excitement, but just as we were approaching the runway, the airplane pulled back up and started assending again! “WHATS goin’ on here?!” The captain recieved word from the tower that my parade wasnt ready yet, so they chose to fly the pattern one more time before landing the puppy. I thought it was awfully kind of them to put the final touches on the welcoming event. When we finally landed i chickened out of vocally expressing my happiness, but i DID yell to everyone my proposal that as soon as the FASTEN SEATBELT light went off, last one off the plane was a rotten egg. Boy, did that speed things along.

But really, my parade was amazing. Much thanks to Gavin and the City of San Fran for putting on such an event to welcome me home. It was overwhelming! The love, i mean.

You know, im feeling a little bit more capeable at this point, but when Molly and i went to get some mexican food and i accidentally said “arigato gozaimasu” i was worried about myself. And i bettcha the man i said it to was worried about me also! Reverse culture shock is a series of events in which you re-accept the faults of your society, and experience sadness because everything is the same: trivial. And some people havent exerted any effort toward improving their character or expanding their view of the world… Sonoma is a tragic town, in that way. But the quaintness of the town is comforting, and its so nice to drive at night and listen to christmas songs on KOIT (light rock, less talk.) I hope i can be bright and humble here for the next month.

I think i will continue to write for no one, even though i am home from Japan. I may as well tickle my fancy.

So I’ll just be here in Sonoma listening to ninety-six point five and schmoozing at Marys pizza on friday nights.


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