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My funny letter:

Hello Mr. Gissell, this is Erika, the Swedish, sky-diving, curiously politically conscious twin from last year who was usually late to class. I have a dilemma and I was hoping you’d be able to help me out.

I try to read and know as much as possible about the Presidental candidates because its important to me, and because I thought that if I knew as much as there was to know about them it would be easy for me to make a decision. Alas, I was wrong.

Last week I returned from a two month backpacking trip through Japan only to find that the American society is pressuring me to declare my candidate. Feeling forced to make a choice, I find myself unable!

I can be easily satisfied in November of 2008; as long as President Bush gets removed far from the White House I will be a happy girl. But in terms of deciding a democratic representative, I’m equally torn between Clinton and Obama. I feel that making a decision is seen as chosing between two important things: Feminism and the advancement of women in politics (which I’m inclined to chose after living in Japan for 2 months where women are still subservant) or racial equality and the advancement of diversity in Washington. Both are of equal importance, in my opinion. Which do you think America will be more inclined to vote for? In your opinion, is there a difference between who you believe to be the best choice for America, and who you think we will actually vote for? I know that last year you declared yourself to be a Hillary fan, so clearly the advancement of womens rights is more important to you (and also I believe that you partake in the modern and charmingly backwards way of proving your masculinity by declaring yourself to be a feminist, which by the same principal some men wear starched, pale pink button-up shirts and call themselves lesbians. Please don’t be offended! Merely opinion and observation.)

But shouldn’t a candidate be chosen based on the “content of his [or her] character”, rather than based on the message that our choice of either gender or race sends to friends and coworkers about us and our priorities as individuals, or more importantly to other countries the priorities of the United States of America? Is my opinon naive or utopian?

If I chose my favorite candidate based on the “content of his character”, then I come to Obama. But then I feel left out of the unification of women that I should be celebrating! I love toasting to American women because we are both feared and adored around the world, and having a woman in the White House would make me feel as if my “team” won the championships, or something. But I’m not sure If I want to party with Hillary; I’d love a woman in the White House, but I’m not sure if shes the right one.

This is my train of thought on the matter. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve answered my own question, but then if I imagine having a ballot placed before me, I feel like I would just sit and stare at it in wonder.

Any advice or persuasion would be appreciated, I could use an informed opinon on the matter. Take your time responding, I’m sure you’re busy.

Hope you’re well,

Erika Anderson


[I realize that I may have sounded too sure that a democrat will be nominated. I want to clarify that my intention was not to assume, rather to figure out my question of who the democratic representative might be. I’m ignoring, for the time being, the variable of Republican candidates.]


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