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Wakie, wakie, eggs and bakie

last night i took a bath around 11, fell asleep and woke up at 12 curled up in 3 inches of lukewarm bath water when my sister flug open the bathroom door and nearly gave me a heart attack. Then she got me a towel and wrapped me in it like our parents used to do and sent me off to bed. oddly enough its not the first time thats happened to me!

I woke up this morning at 7:30 because someone was ringing the doorbell as if in the event of an emergency… by the time i stirred to consciousness, threw on some clothes and took for the door our bi-monthly cleaning lady already had the vaccuum plugged in and ready to go. uhhhgh. So, i skipped out of her way and took refuge at the gym for a while.

All of these rude awakenings seem so unplesant but the truth is i’ve never been happier in my life… i’m a little bored but its cooooool.

I want to take a roadtrip to the Grand Canyon really soon (as in within the next 2 weeks) and i’m like, “well i guess if no one wants to go with me i’ll just go alone!” but i really wish i had a travel buddy, i’m tired of traveling alone. I’m not afraid to admit it, not too proud. You know, we all need intimacy after all.


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