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Boredom is painful, and so is rejection.

Bullets on Thoughts:

1. I’ve become obsessed with a book that a friend gave to me called Bryson’s Dictionary of Troublesome Words. A Writer’s Guide To Getting It Right. I reccomend it.
2. I belong in a big city with a Weimarener.
3. People seem to think Sonoma’s climate is responsible for the abundance of good wine but i know the truth. The truth is that the good people of Sonoma who were here before vines were became so totally, completely bored with their lives that they decided to direct their energy toward making excellent wine so that they could bottle it up and save it for the long days when they found themselves so totally, completely bored that all they could think to do was drink lots of wine…. so cheers to that.
4. I eat a balanced diet, i exercise, i’m not pregnant, but i’ve only had my period once since May. Anyone? Anyone?
5. I want what i can’t have, and i struggle with rejection! Rejection… i hate & i need to get over that, or maybe get used to it?
6. At work yesterday, i remembered a mans drink who came in one time 4 months ago but i can’t remember to go to my dentist appointment or drop off movies at Blockbuster.

Tomorrow the city with Mo, i’m stoked.

Now for something new:

The Daily Starbucks Customer!
My first profile is about Dave. Dave is a witty, thirty-something, southern bachelor who drives a nice car and loves his dog. He comes in most evenings for a grande latte with 1 splenda, a new york times, and a sandwich for dinner. Even though i like giving him a hard time, I find him very charming and attractive and i often wonder why in the world he’s single. Dave is tall with grey, smiling eyes and a bashful grin. He likes me because i laugh at his jokes and i like him because he always has a thoughtful compliment for me. His ongoing joke is that he and i are married; he calls me baby and always asks me whats for dinner, what time i’ll be home or if i need anything at the store. Though its a bit strange, i hardly discourage it and secretly find it quite sweet!


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