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Part of me would like to get a new blog so that no one that i know reads it. I want to say some things that i feel bad saying, and i might prefer if i felt safe from hurting anyones feelings… but im going to continue with this one and work though it like a challenge.

Tonight i spent the evening with my mom and my “women” friends drinking wine and talking about cute firemen and designer purses while celebrating a birthday. It was one of those times where you step back from the situation for a moment and think, “how did i get here?” or maybe, “WHAT am i doing here??”

In a way I felt honored to be sitting at a dinner table talking with such socialite-type of women, and i rather enjoyed the gossip and the “ohmygod!” and the sharing of diamond rings, and the sometimes horribly caddy behavior, and simply the funny way women talk– we are SO emotional!

“You know, Cindy brings up a really good point and i just feel like, you know, I have REAAALLY nice furniture; like, this isn’t Pottery Barn. And I just want to cleanse my living space. Like, the house i’m looking at right up the street is SUCH a downsize and it would be SO fabulous if i could sell this house with all the furnishings so that i can start anew, you know? Like, minimalist–and i’d put in the tennis court and a swimming pool but, like, my style has changed and i’d really like a more costal, new england type of feel.”

“So my girlfriend and I went to the city and had this phenominal lunch and a few glasses of wine, and the bill was $250, but it was totally worth it because it was raining out and i said, “If i were a lesbian i would be SO into this!” It was so romantic! Oh my god! And we both had permission to buy real Louis [Vuitton] purses and i was like “if we just got a room and took a nap and, like, messed around it would be so sexy if i were a lesbian!” Most romantic day of my life!”

So thats enough of making fun of that– i actually had a really good time and i really like schmoozing. I’m good at it too, just maybe i’d like the more intellectual type of crowd? Who knows.

Anywhoo, last night i spent the night in the city with Mo and Ray and Glady and i just freaking love doing that because my girlfriends totally kick ass. And i’m stoked for our annual winter shopping spree where we shop all day, pay our parking ticket, smoke a couple bowls in our car before we leave the garage, go eat dinner and then party all night in our cute new clothes. Its like the 5th year running… best day ever.

Ashley comes in 5 days…Eva too! and Tyler! its super late… i need to wake up and work out and actually get some stuff done tomorrow.

PS- Tucker Max needs to rot in hell, i’m glad he knows it. I dont think i would care if he were slowly tortured on live TV. But I’d rather him catch an extensively drug-resistant form of tuberculosis AND HIV and spend the rest of his life locked away in a hospital solitary confinement cell wondering why he wasted his life away so carelessly. I have such a long list of problems with him that i don’t even know where to start…. just Google him. Maybe it’s the Grendel Complex, though. Maybe since he knows that no woman could ever love him (even without the repulsive stories), he’ll at least make everyone hate him so that they feel some sort of emotion toward him besides apathy.

Moving on to……..

Ariyon is a fifty-something lonesome hippie-type who recently had her birthday party in Starbucks (a suprising amout of people showed up). She has a really low, scratchy voice and she always wears tons of jewelry and funky clothing. Her drink is a Venti extra-hot latte with whole milk and no foam, and also a cup of ice water. Shes’ totally in love with a fat, greasy, balding old man named Ontario who claims to be a noted Astrologist and metaphysical-type. They sit in Starbucks for hours on end, usually in the evening. One time they both came in wearing wolf masks and sat working on their laptops for 3 hours WEARING WOLF MASKS. I know that she lives in a tiny house with only a wood stove and that she takes singing lessons… Though she is strange shes a kind soul and she means to be the best person that she can be. Some are in a different spectrum and its a good thing or else i’d be bored with wealthy, alcoholic women.

Everyone should see Zeitgeist.

The End


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