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Banana Smoothies

You know, its quite funnt that in Japan i took days off from my blog simply because there was TOO MUCH to write about; it made me feel overwhelmed. And now, i wish i had more to report! I have been so, sadly bored for the past few weeks… but i’m not giving enough credit to the happenings that have made life in Sonoma intresting.

Firstly, banana smoothies have become a favorite of mine.
Secondly, there is a boy that wasn’t quite my first kiss, or quite my first love (though i care about him very much), or even quite my first boyfriend that deserves to remain as my “first” something simply because he has always been special to me. Anyway, I just read about him in the newspaper because he went to jail for being an “accessory” to a murder and I’m pretty upset about it. In my heart of hearts i just can’t imagine it and i hope some day the boy that i care about so much becomes that person again.
Here’s the link
Thirdly, MY SISTER COMES HOME TOMORROW!!! No words can describe my happiness. The tragedy of seperated twin sisters will, for a short time, no longer be.
Lastly, i registered for my classes in San Louis Obispo. I’m taking Endurance Training, Sociology, Journalism, and English 1-A. YES.
Thats all for now. Be safe out there; accidents within the Holiday season are doubly painful and harder to forget.


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