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I Love Wine

Its been a bizarre past few days here in Sonoma, let me tell you. Great fun, but wierd… mostly because the Holidays bring everyone together in a strange, “small-world” type of way. So if you decide to sneak to the store for some eggs at 9am, you can’t get through the situation any sooner than a half hour because you run into pretty much everyone and their mom. The town is crowded with familiar people, which makes for fun times and a generous amout of drama and gossip. Holidays in Sonoma are SO cute.

This past week i helped my best friend move into her new pad in San Francisco and its just really exciting! It makes me really want to get moving with my own, independent life… I cant wait to get a new routine and meet new people and live on my own. I love my best friend, too. Just thought i’d add that… she’s the best.

Last night my dad threw a dinner party with his Japanese students in celebration of Christmas and I invited a few of my friends over to join us. Five of us finished 5 bottles of amazing wine and wound up substantially shloshed. The rest of the course of the night is hazy, but i remember running barefoot down the street, having tyler pick us up, drinking hot chocolate and laughing a lot. GOOD TIMES!

Santa comes tonight, and i still need to finish wraping my presents. It takes me a long time because its like an art project to me; i adorn gems and bows and stickers etc. Its great fun, it really is.

I feel very pleased with my gifts for christmas and I feel like this is going to be a good one. I work tomorrow also, which is (in my opinion) great. I get to get out of the house, see all the people that i love and have a blast. Thats what work is like for me… i’m wearing a santa hat i think.

HAppy Holidays. I hope everyone is in good company and feeling loved because in the end thats all we really need…… but awesome gifts are cool too.



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