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In Terms Of Africa…

What can be done?  Can anything be done? Africa is a few hundred evoloutionary years behind the rest of the world; The bloodshed and violence is repulsive and horrific, but I’m wondering… is there really anything that can be done to stop it?  When speaking of 2 people fighting, there are times when the best thing to do is to step aside and simply allow them to have it out.  This can be painful to watch, but both people need to get their own issues off their chests and burn off some steam… only after that has happened are they ready for resolve.  This, to me, is Africa.  Perhaps the powers-that-be have the same thought that I do because no one is intervening effectively.  And now I ask, when does the madness stop? Will Africa ever come up to speed with the rest of the world? And will there ever be a point in which the world will decide that it’s safe to step in and help them resolve and seek solutions?  If we come to that point, will we trouble them by imposing our democratic beliefs?  Democracy is a beautiful thing, but the fact is that it simply doesn’t work for everyone (case in point: Iraq)  Today, these are my worries.

 After much investigation, question, research, news, time, and thought… I, Erika Anderson, fully, officially and decidedly support Barack Obama for President.  I highly encourage anyone on-the-fence or out-of-the-way to do the same.  He is an extremely capeable man, truly inspirational, and is only candidate fit and ready for the job.  I won’t push my political beliefs any further, but allow me to first say that I’ve made an extremely informed decision and I hope everyone else does the same, despite who they decide to vote for.

 I wore flip-flops today in hopes of sun, and my wish came true (a little bit!) Optimism goes a long way my friends…

Have a good day my lovelys 😉

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“I’m sensitive…

and I’d like to stay that way.”

I don’t understand why, but talking to my dad on the phone today almost brought me to tears. He stuck his hand out to help me while I’m feeling really insecure and overwhelmed, in terms of my current living condition. My insomnia is back like a lurking shadow, and when someone extends help to me in a time like now it makes me want to cry with gratitude. I have a hard time asking for or accepting help. I’ve learned to say a bashful “yes, please” when someone offers it, but asking is still difficult for me to do.

Another thought: I take movies waaay to personally! Last night Amy, Eva and I went to see 27 Dresses and it really made me hurt with heartache. I felt sick and exhausted of love. And when the movie was over I felt as though I was the one whos dreams came true… I wish I could say this problem is something I’m going to try to correct; strengthen my mind by learning to be impervious to dramatic movies… but its something I’m not going to try to improve about myself because theres a lack of lust in my life and I’ll take what I can get! If a movie makes me feel giddy and passionate, let it be. I hate to admit that not much else has in quite some time.

Still storming… Sociology tomorrow and I’m stoked! I’m trying to maintain optimism, and I will. We all get the blues, its how you deal with it that counts. So i’m going to curl up and read and hopefully fall asleep before 2am. Later gator 🙂

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This Article Stole The Words From My Mind; It’s BEAUTIFUL:

A Soulful Talent: Cherishing Heath Ledger

Intelligent, sensitive star made every part uniquely his own

By Kim Morgan Special to MSN Movies

There’s a moment in Heath Ledger‘s far too short, sometimes brilliant film career that makes me so teary eyed, so filled with wistful emotion, that no matter how many times I watch it, I’m still taken aback by its deceptively simple power. No, it’s not a scene from Ang Lee‘s “Brokeback Mountain” (his transcendent performance there makes me weep — for more obvious reasons); rather, it was his final scene in Catherine Hardwicke‘s “Lords of Dogtown,” that underrated skater picture featuring one of Ledger’s most poignant performances.

As Skip Engblom, the crusty, aging uncle/father figure to the kids of Team Zephyr, young Ledger played beyond his years with sublime, quirky effortlessness. As in most of his performances, Ledger imbued what could have been a one-note aging stoner dude with sympathy and soul, dignifying Skip with a disarming, surprisingly heart-wrenching end note: Sanding a surfboard in the back of what was once his kingdom, in what could have been an easy, here’s-where-he’s-at-now scene. Instead, Ledger fills us with a compelling mixture of sadness and a glimmer of hope that Skip will at least survive this life OK. After his boss orders him to finish a surfboard for some kid, the past lord dutifully, but bitterly, complies. Glumly sitting down, Skip slowly perks up to the lovely opening of Rod Stewart‘s “Maggie May.” Pounding to that infectious double drum beat preceding Stewart’s passionate “Wake up, Maggie, I think I got something to say to you,” Skip, in a flash of understated joy and release, turns up the radio and sings along. Ledger is so in the moment and so naturally bittersweet that in mere seconds, he makes one remember just how much those little things in life can affect you — those times or sensations that either make you crash hard or for one wonderful, ephemeral moment, lift you higher.

It seems silly to say he was underrated since he received an Academy Award nomination for his tortured cowboy Ennis Del Mar in “Brokeback,” but in many respects he was underrated. Given that much of his earlier work was looked upon as the standard, hot young thing pabulum many actors slog through before reaching critical credibility, Ledger was often underappreciated for always being interesting…

And Ledger could work those powerful sensations in all of his performances, whether he was gleefully laughing at himself in the giddily entertaining “A Knight’s Tale” or silently, desperately pining for his beloved in “Brokeback Mountain.” It seems silly to say he was underrated since he received an Academy Award nomination for his tortured cowboy Ennis Del Mar in “Brokeback,” but in many respects he was underrated. Given that much of his earlier work was looked upon as the standard, hot young thing pabulum many actors slog through before reaching critical credibility, Ledger was often underappreciated for always being interesting, “10 Things I Hate About You,” “The Patriot” and all.

Moving his career to his own fascinating frequency, the Australian Ledger eschewed the predictable romantic comedy/action hero leading man roles that could have followed his splashy, sexy 2000 Vanity Fair cover, anointing him as the latest stud du jour. It reads like a terrific career move, an initial sacrifice but ultimately a rewarding step toward serious movie stardom. But watching Ledger skillfully slip into the skin of a depressive, soft-hearted young man in “Monster’s Ball” or embody a brash, sexy rake in “Casanova,” I can’t imagine the actor having any kind of choice. He was just too sensitive, too interesting, too intelligent an actor to not make any part uniquely his own. And exciting. Watching his psychopathic, perfectly hideous Joker in the trailer for Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming Batman chapter “The Dark Knight” gives me chills, not only for the dual thrill of seeing two of cinema’s greatest, chameleonlike talents (Christian Bale and Ledger, who were also terrific in Todd Haynes‘ stunning Dylan meditation, “I’m Not There“) pitted against one another, but for Ledger’s maniacal, edgier take on the legendary supervillain. Ledger’s ability to create a Joker that’ll out-do Jack Nicholson appears to be unquestionable, and this was clearly yet another important transformative moment in the actor’s career.

But I’m discussing Ledger’s career in the past tense, something I’m having a tough time wrapping my mind around. He was one of my favorite working actors, an actor I’ve been advocating and arguing for as someone special and different since his earlier roles, and an actor I now find myself cherishing. Like many of you, I was absolutely stunned and depressed to learn of his death. I can barely grasp the realization as I write this right now. He was only 28 years old. He was in the middle of Terry Gilliam‘s newest picture, an admirable task since, in spite of how great he was in Gilliam’s otherwise messy “The Brothers Grimm,” you know someone must have advised him against it. But Gilliam, as troubled as some of his productions have been, is an artist. And so was Ledger.

Thinking of the last movie I saw Ledger in, as the beautiful, romantic but flawed and human “live fast, die young” James Dean-inspired Dylan persona in “I’m Not There,” I was filled with sadness, recalling the enchanting, idyllic scenes between Charlotte Gainsbourg and Ledger tuned to Dylan’s “I Want You.” What bliss. What joy to simply watch Ledger engaging in such bliss. And what a magnificent, soulful talent he was, with so much more to give movies and life. To paraphrase Dylan, we want you, we want you, we want you back, so bad.

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The Sun Is My Lover

At the risk of my blog turning into a forum for political venting, I’ll try to state my dilemma in a brief manner. The bottom line is this:
I have NO IDEA who I’m voting for. NONE.
I thought I did, and I don’t.
What’s a girl to doooooooooooo, I’m at a complete loss. It’s an internal conflict; nothing anyone can say or do will sway me, I think I just might need to hike to the top of a mountain and meditate about this for a good while.

 My roommates kick ass and I totally love them! I lucked out, I really did.

 Right now I’m at school killing time because my first class was canceled due to a water scarcity on campus.  Bathrooms are closed, and for those of us who drank tea this morning– we’re suffering.  I’m just waiting for the “official word” before I head home.

The only thing to which I am truly vulnerable is the sun.  I’ll put my emotions out there for him, tell him how much I want him, how much I need his warmth, how much I love and adore him… and when he comes I feel happy, I wear less clothing for him, and sometimes I’ll even take all my clothes off and let him love me by the pool.  He’s the best lover, very attentive and soft. Sun? Where art thou? I need you.

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Young Student Braves Torrential Downpour, Grin Goes Missing

San Luis Obispo
Tuesday afternoon a female Cuesta College student was seen riding her silver roadbike down Borad Street in the pouring rain. Its been reported that she was first seen leaving the Chorro branch of Washington Mutual before mounting her noble chrome steed and heading north on Broad. Washington Mutual was not available for comment by time of press. The identity of the girl is unknown, however, a witness said she seemed to have a grin on her face despite the fact that she was soaking wet.

On the 3335th block of Broad Street a grin belonging to an 18-year-old Cuesta College student went missing. The grin has an estimated worth of $4,000, according to the girls parents who funded her highschool orthodontics. The grin was last seen with the girl riding a bike down Broad Street. It went missing shortly after she discovered her favorite actor, Heath Ledger, had died suddenly. The whereabouts of the grin are under investigation.

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HBO is HBAwesome

I’m really happy right now because Eva and I are sitting next to eachother on the couch at my new place, both on our laptops while dinner is cooking. How cool is this? I spent the day downtown exploring, looking for job prospects, and figuring out how to get to the bus station, the pete’s coffee, and the urban outfitters (oopsies! heehee)
Yesterday my mom helped me get all settled in and then a bunch of friends came over for barbequed chicken and vodka tonics before we headed over to Eve’s for beer pong. I hate to give those point-by-point accounts of the day so i’ll stop there. All I want to get across is that this San Luis situation is IDEAL.
School starts on tuesday… I’m a little worried because I have to ride my bike for 15 min to catch a bus at 6:30 in the morning. I feel a little bit stressed out because theres so much to be done; need a job (money is tight), need a printer, bank account, need to fix my bed so that i dont wake up with a neck ache blahdy blahdy blah blah…. ugh.
Anyway, I’m learning how to live on my own pretty quickly, and i’m learning that i’m not very good at it yet and you know what?? THATS OK alright? It’s okay that I’m learning, i’m glad of it and I’m happy to admit that i don’t know everything. Strangely enough, I’ve never felt so young and immature before, and I think i’m nervous because i keep finding myself pulling and twisting my hair.
Overall, I’m doing well. I love my roommates, the vibe, the city and I cant wait to find myself a routine, some friends and a job. Not to be a Negative Nancy or a Debbie Downer, but we have cable and we dont have HBO and thats been the only TV that i’ve watched for nearly 10 years and now I have to watch the censored crap, so i’m pretty bummed about it. I’m totally a spoiled brat… just had to throw that thought out there.
So I’m growing my hair out and i’m wearing bright colors again… and those are all of my thoughts for now. Thank you for enduring my scatter-brain, I’ll have a better post when i feel more settled and secure. Love ya 😉

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Signing out, Sonoma

10:00 AM

Today is my last day in Sonoma.  I’m leaving tonight for San Luis Obispo, and even though I feel pretty much tip-top I must be having a difficult time on some level because I just cried for the first time in months. It was just a few tears, but I tried to push it as far along as possible– remember when you’d do that as a kid?  I would push that cry along as hard as I could!  I’d focus on it, focus on the tears and pity myself for crying until I couldn’t fake it any longer.  Mind you, this was an exercise that (oddly enough) I’d do for my own sake, or for pity from the parents; by no means was I a bratty child.  I hope others can relate to my crying technique or else then I wouldn’t know what to think about myself!

6:00 PM

All my bags are packed, and I’m ready to go.  Annnnnd thats as far as I’m going to follow John Denver… My family is having Red Grape (my favorite) for dinner and then we’re hittin’ the road and I feel very prepared and excited.  The feeling that I have right now is hard to define.  I feel like its a really big deal that I’m moving out, but I hate to show it.  I want to hug my little sister and tell her to be a good girl, not to give my dad any flack, and to remember if she ever needs a vacation or some condoms, i’m here to help her out.  That might be my dramatic side wanting to show itself…  But really, I don’t know the next time I’ll be back here.  I’m going to school year round and its just really strange to think how much will have happened between now and the next time I come home.  That’s the characteristic of change, I guess.