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Nostalgia and Resolutions

Today I was thinking back on elementary school at Dunbar… back when I had a lunch lady coincidentally named Mrs. Cook (who still says hello and hugs me whenever she sees me), back when my best friends were named Annabelle and Jade and Rashell, when I would nearly blush at the sound of my own name, when i wore overalls and had the knobbiest knees you’ve ever seen…. I feel so proud when i think back because i really feel like i’ve become the young woman  I always wanted to be when I was a child.  My favorite stories were of heroines galloping with capes and noble steeds to foreign lands…. strong literary heroines constantly developed their adventures in my mind, and all the while i felt one of my own bubbling up inside of me, but my tiny body and shy mouth were incapable to set her free.  I don’t know exactly what happened somewhere in between then and now, but there were a few really important people in my life that challenged my shyness and helped my assertiveness and honesty take flight.  My sense of adventure, however, has always been.  It’s always nice to feel a sense that you’re on the right track… thats what i realized today.  My tiny little 8 year old self would love the person I am today.

And my tiny little 8 year-old self would lovethat i told the boy i had a gigantic crush on (all throughout Dunbar days) how much i used to adore him.  My good friend asked me if i remembered him, because he’s been doing really well at race-car driving, apparently.  My eyes lit up! OF COURSE I REMEMBER! Haha… anyway, i send him a message on his website telling him how cute i thought he was in 4th grade.  One time i got a little note of the same sort and it made me feel good, and so i really hope he takes it the same way and isnt creeped out! Not that i care, or anything….  😉

 Also, today i went through all of my old journals while i was packing my things for San Louis Obispo and it was pretty amazing. I feel like i should store them in a fire proof box or something. They’re so valuable to me, words can’t explain!  I have about 10 journals that document everything from my first day of middle school, to my first major kiss, first alcohol experience, first love (which by the way:  i should have know right away that he was a complete ass!), to graduation, and finally Japan. There really are a lot of things that you forget, i’m so lucky to have most things written down. And may I add that its turning into quite an interesting biography?

 Without further delay:


1) Always be reading a book.

2) Learn to fake an English Estuary accent.

3) Keep the glass half-full.

4) Improve my body image.

5) Be more attentive toward my cell phone.

6) Stay focused on school.


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