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Ten Things

chaplinCharlie Chaplin:  Obviously! A comical genius. Timeless and always entertaining. I have a deep love for Charlie because he makes me laugh, even decades later, time and again. He’s cute, too.

obamaBarack Obama:  The first time a politician makes me want to hear him speak (as opposed to feeling inclined to.)  Sometimes he even gets me a little misty eyed…  the feeling of being inspired by a presidential candidate is similar to and just as surprising as first love.  He’s articulate and clean; I’m smitten!

siennaSienna Miller:  My personal fashion icon and girl-crush.  There may be no end to what I would do for her closet or her legs. Plus, she makes me want to be a blond… and that’s saying a lot.

Joey:  Because he was my first love, and he broke my heart.  This is not to commend him or pity him, but to acknowledge him as a momumental person in my life that I felt would be really random and equally appropriate to mention.  Even to this day he’s the only boy to really catch me and now I think of him seldomly and fondly. 

beryl markhamBeryl Markham:  Utterly the most influential historical figure for the person that I am today.  She’s my hero and my idol, even Wonder Woman comes second.

mark twainMark Twain:  Literary genius, one of my biggest inspirations. I admire his honesty, wit and ferocity.  He’s capable of pulling me out writers block and is the only man with facial hair I’ll ever love… besides my dad.

Maria Santana:  My guardian angel…  she saved me and took me under her wing in Tokyo and I will always be grateful for her.  One of those people you have a brief but life-changing encounter with.  If I’m ever down and out, I’ll remember her and know that everything will get better soon.

nerudaPablo Neruda:  For a girl who can be such a “tough-catch,” femme-fatal sort, this poet is capable of reminding me of how it feels to be in love; he makes me want it.  Not even my old journals can do that.

chapelleDave Chapelle:  All encompassing comedian of our time.  If you can’t laugh to Dave, I’m not sure I can be friends with you.  This is serious!

beatlesThe Beatles:  Music of my life. Timeless and always appropriate… when there is nothing, there is The Beatles. And then there is everything. Cliche, but honestly, they’re rejuvenating like sex.



One thought on “Ten Things

  1. rayna says:

    this, by far it my favorite of your blog entries. so much truth and i feel it tells more about your personality than the rest of your blog combined. thanks for posting more you know how obsessed i am with reading about your life 🙂 i love you so much.

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