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Yesterday my dad and i drove to San Luis Obispo to check her out, and to attempt to put my mind at ease since i’ve basically been freaking out about finding a place to live in time for school to start. After a sleepless night last night due to stress-induced insomnia, the trip was a huge success and I have a place to live!

I’m so excited about this place. I get really good “vibes”, if you know what I mean. It feels right and good, and like it SHOULD feel. Now i’m just a little bit bummed that I can’t seem to get down there before this weekend! I’d like to go hang out with Eva and find a job before school starts, but it looks like I’ll only have a few days to do that. Well… I guess it can take as long as i want it to, in terms of finding a job. And in terms of Eva… I get to hang out with her all the time so thats not a problem either. So official move in date is the 19th with my mommy!

I still have a long list of things i need to do, and stuff I need to get but none of that will be delt with in this place (meaning my blog site.) All i want to say is that i’m really excited to begin my life. In my opinion, this is where real life begins. Here and now, Japan was like some kind of twisted vacation and now i’m ready to face the music and grow up. School is my main focus, for real. I’m saying that as a sort of “note-to-self”… I can’t afford to get side-tracked. Tonight my dad gave me a brief, “no parties, no boys, no fucking around Erika” type of talk and he’s right!… to a certain extent. No going out to play until my homework is done! As for boys… who knows but recently i’ve been suprisingly distracted by a certain boy and i’m enjoying it.

I feel like i’m soaring, like i’m in a gigantic up-swing and I’m plan on keeping this going for as long a possible. That means hard work for balance and i’m willing to put in the time. This is exciting, i’m not scared to move anymore and i’m in the place i need to be to succeed… and i WILL.