SLO-Town & My Academic Adventure

From DP in SB

I feel so happy right now… I’m visiting my best friend Lauren in Santa Barbara and the sun is shining, i can hear the waves, the ocean is stunning, its warm out and my fake eyelashes are still intact from the party last night! I don’t feel hung over either! Last night was crazy, Lauren and her roommates threw a party that had so many people I couldn’t even mooooove. I teetered on high heels in a mini-dress until I couldn’t take it anymore… Good times…

The train ride to SB was rather adventurous. The bus made me late to catch the train so I had to run 6 blocks to the station and I barely made it, which meant I got the last seat in-front of the 2 smelliest people I’ve ever smelled in my life. I gathered that they were traveling around the US (they were talking stupidly and obnoxiously the whole 2 hours, nearly ruined the ride for me…) But once I had the Chili Peppers and a cloth with perfume over my nose I was a happy girl 🙂 The train runs along the coast and its beeeeautiful! I don’t think life could get any better, I really don’t. I just love California so much… and I love Lauren, and my friends and the sun and life.

Lauren and I went to coffee this morning and sat in the sun to drink it, and Ian Albrecht walked by it was so awesome! I’m staying with Lauren one more night. we’re about to go to the gym and then the library and then sushi din-din. Life is gooooood, oh so good.


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