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I put the website as the title so that you can’t avoid visiting it.

The video is AMAZING and Wil.I.am’s letter expresses how many of us feel about the Obama campaign. I’m so invested in Barack Obama I WILL cry tears of sadness if he doesn’t win the primary.

I feel so inspired right now and for the first time I can do something about it! Since I was in the 8th grade, after September 11th, I felt such a need to be active in politics but there were few outlets for my passion. Every Friday I would stand in front of the city hall with a small group of adults and teachers to protest a meaningless war and a poor president. The feeling I had when George Bush was re-elected could only be described as mild depression. I felt sad and and helpless because I couldn’t do anything about it! I couldn’t vote, and I didn’t understand why something that so greatly effected my life was so out of my hands. I felt angry at my country and the generation above me, I felt let down by their lack of civic responsibility. I say that because I felt that nothing but failure to be informed could have re-elected George W. Bush. But FINALLY, on my eighteenth birthday I got the best present in the whole entire world. Better than any present anyone could have given me, and a present that I cherish as a right, but also as a privilege. A privilege that I can’t take lightly because so many people in the world are without the right to vote! Because I feel this way, I’ve put the past year and a half into researching the candidates and knowing as much as possible about them so that I can make an informed decision. But I have to say, in the end, I’m going with my very first instinct. I had a passion for Barack Obama in the very beginning and I’m sticking to my guns! Honest to god, I’m so excited to vote tomorrow I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight. LETS DO THIS!


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