Obama, politics, SLO-Town & My Academic Adventure

I’m Thrilled With Democracy (or) I Love My Grandma

How awesome is this presidential race?  It’s history in the making and I’m so excited about it!  The deomocratic candidates keep pushing the idea of “change”, as if it’s only going to happen after theyre in office… but i can feel change already.  Spirits are lifting, the air is more crisp, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel that is the Presidency of George W. Bush!  For my birthday all I want is Obama paraphernalia… or cash. Who’s picky?

Right now I look like I got in a fight–and lost.  This rash is terribly embarassing and only slightly funny. Walking around campus, I’m certain I’ll inspire a student horror film: [Booming, masculine movie-trailer voiceWhere did it come from? NOBODY KNOWS. What’s it’s name? NOBODY KNOWS..! When will it’s tyrrany end?? NOBODY KNOWS!! Coming Summer 2oo8.

Lastly, I just want to express how much I love my Grandma.  Yesterday a curiously thoughtful care-package arrived for me and it was just so delightful to recieve mail.  Nothing like a sweet note from Grandma to get a rashy girl misty-eyed…


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