politics, Romney, SLO-Town & My Academic Adventure

There We Have It, Let the Games Begin.

WOW. Mitt Romney dropped out of the Presidential race.  I just spent the last half hour reading todays New York Times, and after deciding to visit the library to check-out the latest news… there it was.  This is insanity.  It’s more exciting than the latest on Britney Spears, thats for sure (even the fact that I dropped her name is cliche.) I can’t believe that I’m about to quote Ronald Reagan in the same paragraph, either. But I have to.  Regan once said, “Politics is just like show business.”  Well, he’s wrong; it’s better.  Mayor Frank Skeffington from Edwin O’Connor’s novel The Last Hurrah said it MUCH better:

“Politics is the greatest spectator sport in America.”

Indeed it is! I couldn’t make this stuff up!

Sorry to digress, back to Romney.  He took one for his team, a big one. He pushed the whole Presidential race to the highest level it could possibly go. When explaining his reasoning for ending his campaign Romney admitted, “I’d forestall the launch of a national campaign and, frankly, I’d make it easier for Senator Clinton or Obama to win… ”

And there we have it. This is becoming the greatest Presidential race in American history.

 P.S.- Could the Republicans please drop the fear tactic? I’m yawning.


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