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Saturday is Okay

Happy Saturday night! Right now I’m relaxing with friends, listening to the new Jack Johnson album that I bought on vinyl… its so lovely, i feel so pleased with my purchase. I guess it doesn’t take much to make me happy.  The album is like the comfort of your favorite breakfast dish on sunday morning with a friend after a bad week, but its a new style at the same time, as if they added fresh salsa to your omelet and made it 5 times better.  Sleep Through The Static– the new soundtrack of my life, in addition to Across the Universe.

Last night my roommates threw a taco night party and it was entirely fun…. We all know that alcohol can make us say things we wouldn’t normally say, but I always seem to surprise myself. I just don’t know how I think of some things. Its very entertaining to watch 5 different girls go after the same guy. I was one of them, but even so… I found it so interesting to note the different ways that girls compete for the attention of one boy! Some girls throw themselves and make noise, which tends to work in the moment, but I prefer the subtle approach and the slightly-sexual body language and the eye contact from across the room. Even if my way doesn’t provide the instant gratification that the other way does, at least I know I didn’t make a fool of myself (which is more than the other girl can say!)

Today I finally went to the urgent care and got some help for my rash. Now I’m on a prescription and heavy-duty medicated lotion for “contact dermatitis” or some other skin ailment that sounds scary… i hope it goes away so that I can feel like a normal person again. Waiting for the doctor was funny. I was in my anxious/crazy/restless/feisty mood) So I opened all the cabinets and messed with all the the exam tools and latex gloves. And the doctor was slightly awkward… not making eye contact and saying things in silly, professional ways like the doctor from the film The Waitress. I hate doctor offices but doctors are interesting people, and I like them as friends. but not usually otherwise, like in the setting of a doctors office.

So tonight is for cookies, milk, friends, the Across the Universe deluxe soundtrack, and movies. The best kind of night. The new movie Dedication with Mandy Moore is bizarre, off-beat, and amazingly well-done. I’m bias though, since Mandy Moore is my third or second favorite famous person.

A Few Random Thoughts:

Today I watched my skydiving video and now I feel so stoked, the movie just totally inspired me.

Make SURE you see Across The Universe… it’s a beautiful and exciting love story narrated by the Beatles

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I’m excited to wake up to the Velvet Underground as my alarm.


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