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Across The Universe!

And now I’m in the moood for some love! And there are so many cute boys I don’t quite know what to do with myself!

In the name of St. Valentine, I want to make sure all the lonely people out there know that Valentines Day doesn’t have to be a sad, pathetic day. Love your dog, your favorite movie, your best friend, and why not take an opportunity to send a few cards out to those you care about? Give, and recieve. And if you’re the “commercial-holiday cynic,” then no one has time for you… and you’re probably a boy who hasn’t found the right girl yet. When you find the right one, you’ll know that you just have to suck it up on Valentines Day and buy her something sexy.

I’ve just seen a face I wont forget the time and place hes just the boy for me and i want all the world to see we’ve met mm mmm mm!!

When i find myself in times of trouble… Did you know the Beatles song Yesterday is the most covered song in the entire world? Interesting fact. And when the broken hearted people living in this world agree… there will be an answer.

Right now I’m making hard boiled eggs and then I’m going to be brave and go knock on the boys door across the way because they’re fun and cute, and they look like the Ramones or something, and I’m gettin a ride to school with them tomorrow! YAy.

ALSO! Amy bought me my Citizen Cope ticket for my birthday and we’re going during spring break and I’m STOKED!

My ringtone now chants “Oh, oh oh oh Obama! Oh oh, Obama! Obama!” In a playful, musical way. The way I wrote it may or may not read sexually… hmm.

I still love yogurt and bananas for breakfast, just like in Japan.

Today Eva and I went to the Cal Poly gym and I felt so cool since I’m not really allowed inside… I forged my way muahhahah. And might I add that I had an awesome run– intervals for 30 min. i love running but it hurts my toe. So right now i’m going to set up my bike to ride the morning… and I’m really hyper right now if it hasn’t come across in my run-on sentences! Alrighty well… my favorite boy name is Hugo. And thats all, more tomorrow. Maybe my mind won’t be racing and I won’t feel so giddy with boy-craziness.

Today I turned in my first college essay called: Blogs As The Silver Lining in Public Discourse. I’m proud of it 🙂 ALSO, I sent Barack Obama his chopsticks that I bought for him in Japan. I waited to send them during a time he needed some luck. This is what my letter said:

Dear Mr. Obama,

My name is Erika Anderson and I’m an 18 year-old student in California. Like many others, I wish this envelope included a $2,300 check for your campaign because that’s how much I believe in you. Unfortunately, all I could send are 2 pairs of luxury chopsticks. I will explain my unusual gift, but first allow me to say thank you.

Thank you for bringing hope to my generation. Your campaign has stirred something powerful in us, something capable of wonders. I feel grateful to you for providing the spark my generation needs to shine in the way that I know we can. You have a powerful army of American youth behind you and we can’t wait to help you make this country bloom and sparkle in the way our founding fathers intended it to.

As for the chopsticks: after graduating from high school I took off my first semester of college and all of my savings and went on a two-month solo backpacking trip across Japan. In the midst of my travels, I decided to make a “pilgrimage” to the remote fishing town of Obama on the eastern coast of Japan.  The town specialized in luxury chopsticks (as well as amazing sea food), and I personally watched the old man lacquer them before his sweet wife carefully wrapped them up.  The red pair is for Michelle, and the black pair for you.  I doubt you use chopsticks often but consider them good luck, and a great story to eventually tell the Prime Minister of Japan.

Yours truly,

Erika Anderson


2 thoughts on “Across The Universe!

  1. eva says:

    can i just say valentines day is a great chance for people to focus on the great love they have in their life, not just the romantic relationships that they may have. thank you. haha i’m ready for some bbq!! woot woot!

  2. laura says:

    Taking a break from homework,reading your blog,Happy Valentines Day sweetie pie. You’ve brought love into my life everyday since you were born!

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