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Huckabee’s One-liners and Why I’m Queen for A Day

NO JOKE! He said these during a “breakfast” meeting with the Christian Science Monitor.

Huckabee, on running for Senate:

“It’s more likely I’ll dye my hair green, get a bunch of tattoos and go on tour with Amy Winehouse.”

Fantastic! As it turns out: Huckabee is, in-fact, of the Green Party! But honestly, I rather like that of all the colors, he would choose green. Creative and eco-friendly. Nice touch, man.

Huckabee, on Hillary:

“She does not have the personality of her husband. Very few people do.”

“The American people are not looking for someone who can fix a carburetor. They’re looking for someone who can drive the car.”

I’m so impressed with his sass! I may even go out on a limb and say… well, no nevermind.  But hey, I guess it really won’t be difficult to be happy with the next “prezzzi-dont” since the one we’ve got is so god damned stale.

Huckabee, on defeat:

“The path to victory is a complicated one for me. The path to defeat is easy – I could just quit.”

Right he is!  A tad cliche, as well… but nothing beats the Amy Winehouse one. 

 Along with these quotes, the NY Times also reported that he didn’t eat any eggs… hmmm.  Smells like high cholesterol TO MEEE.  I hope he had Cheerios instead 😉  So basically, I’m with my Dad on this one. I have to hand it to him, he called Huckabee as the republican candidate a year and a half ago… so I’m hoping this race will be between Huckabee and Obama (for the sake of their cool names, and to watch a good ol’ battle of wits)  Lastly, may I ask: Why hasn’t the Huckabee campaign picked up on the obvious slogan “I Heart Huckabee”?

 I figured out why I’m so wired lately.  Last night my mind was racing! And I layed in bed and twiddled my thumbs for a good hour wondering whyy!  I only got a few hours the night before and I had a great workout. ALAS; its the medication I’m on for my rash!  “Possible Side effects include: Stomach upset, headache, dizziness, trouble sleeping…”  They didn’t specify that you’ll feel like you’re on crack cocaine and are the Queen of the World! This morning I woke up and rode my bike as fast as possible for 45 minutes!  Gotta run to class now, later gators 🙂


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