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Damn I Look Good

First I’d just like to say… I look freakin’ HOT today. I do, so I’m just saying that– throwin’ it out there because I want it to be settled: I look really cute on Valentines Day.I want to talk about a few things right now. One of which has to do with love, and the next has to do with politics. So… I’m just going to be honest about Valentines Day. Even though I’m totally optimistic about the whole affair, I must admit that Feb. 14th has a tendency to make even the strongest of us singles feel lonely. It’s the nature of the day, and to deny it would be lying to ourselves. It’s OK though, because it remains that this day is not reserved for couples or lovers, but for everyone and anyone in our lives that we love. So for the solo flyer’s out there, our time for Valentines Day delight will come eventually. In the mean time, I love you. So without further adieu, lets eat chocolate.And, in the realm of politics, I’d like to point out that Barack and Michelle Obama are a power duo if there ever was one. I see them leading our nation as a couple with much more solidity and strength than Hillary and Bill have to offer. We all know the plight of BillHill (not to bring up a sore spot) but I just think the Obama family is amazing. Michelle deserves more credit, too. A quote from her Harvard Law professor:“Michelle was a student in my legal profession class in which I ask students how they would react to difficult ethical and professional challenges,” said the professor, David B. Wilkins. “Not surprisingly, many students shy away from putting themselves on the line in this way, preferring to hedge their bets or deploy technical arguments that seem to absolve them from the responsibilities of decision-making. Michelle had no need for such fig leaves. She always stated her position clearly and decisively.”

At almost six feet tall in heels, Mrs. Obama, 44, cuts an athletic and authoritative figure in her tailored pantsuits and skirts. A Harvard-educated lawyer who had been earning $212,000 a year as a hospital executive before she took leave on Jan. 1, she delivers rousing 40-minute speeches — surveying topics as far-ranging as the specific failings of the federal No Child Left Behind education act and problems with the military strategy in Iraq — without the aid of even a notecard.

A doting mother of two, Mrs. Obama has kept crowds waiting with telephone calls to her “little people” — daughters Sasha, 6, and Malia, 9.

Outspoken, strong-willed, funny, gutsy and sometimes sarcastic, Michelle Obama is playing a pivotal role in her husband’s campaign as it builds on a series of successes, including a sweep on Tuesday of contests in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Her personal style — forthright, comfortable in the trenches, and often more blunt than Mr. Obama — plays well with a broad swath of the electorate and has given the campaign a steelier edge while allowing Mr. Obama to stay largely above it all.

“I am trying to be as authentically me as I can be,” Mrs. Obama said in an interview. “My statements are coming from my experiences and my observations and my frustrations.”

MSN- Susan Saulny

This weekend my dad and my great friend Leah are coming to visit mee!! And perhaps Tyler and Reid, too. I’m very excited. Weekend plans include laying on the beach, hiking up Bishops, partying, grocery shopping, homework but most of all I plan on enjoying the company of my dad and my Leah :)) It’s a four day this weekend and I’m gunna make it count baby!


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