SLO-Town & My Academic Adventure

Giggle! Giggle!

Right now I’m still in that giggly, half-drunken, half-asleep stupor that a night of sake-bombs and beer pong will leave you with. (I must admit that my after-party high is beginning to fade and I feel like I could go back to sleep soon!) But no, we’re going to hike up Bishops peak. By “we” I mean Leah, Tyler, and myself. They love it here and it makes me so happy! This town has a tendency to sell itself to people. First visit- I KNEW I wanted to live here… especially after the first time that I hiked Bishops peak. Now, my friends will experience the same thing: sitting there at the top soaking up the sun, the view and the clean air… still panting from the hike… and they’ll both want to live here.

Today will be a great day filled with friends, fun and groceries! And possibly a new phone :))

I wish I had a profound thought right now. I just walked away from this post to think of one and I couldn’t think of a single cute thing to say besides how much I love the color of the sweater that I ‘m wearing. And that i love my Beatles ring tone. And I’d also like to add that last night Tyler, Leah and myself spooned all night on a teenytiny fold out couch. The thought of that is making me giggle!

Sooo… have a sunny day… profound thoughts later.

No more prednisone 😦


One thought on “Giggle! Giggle!

  1. Profound thoughts seem to be like the tiny asteroids that populate space. They only hit you if you’re in their path. Some of us make a point of being in the line of fire, some avoid it altogether and those are easy spot. Oh that delicious space between sobriety and the afterglow of intoxication.
    I miss you in Sonoma. Unfortunately, as we have spoken before, this idyllic part of the world is a trap, and it is very heartening to see that you have avoided the snare of comfortable torpor.

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